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Tech Update: Top programming languages Most popular and fastest-growing choices for inventors

Tech Update: Top programming languages Most popular and fastest-growing choices for inventors

Tech Update: Top programming languages Most popular and fastest-growing choices for inventors

SlashData's rearmost Inventor Nation report looks at the fashionability of programming languages and trends from the global investor community.

JavaScript is now used by further than16.4 a million inventors encyclopedically, says a check of further than coders- making it the world's most popular programming language" by a wide periphery".

SlashData's 21st State of the Inventor Nation Report examined global software inventor trends across 160 countries during Q3 2021, covering programming languages, tools, APIs, apps, and technology parts, as well as stations of inventors themselves.

The report also looked at inventor involvement in 5G and IoT, specifically how programmers were taking advantage of new advances in technology in tools, apps, and services.

JavaScript's ongoing fashionability in web and backend operations stapled its position as the most popular programming language in Q3 2021. While not inescapably a surprise in itself – JavaScript has, after all, been the world's most- used language for a number of times now – SlashData plant that overhead of2.5 million inventors had joined the JavaScript community in the once six months alone. That is the same as the entire stoner base of Swift; or, the combined communities of Rust and Ruby.

The data for JavaSCript also included language derivations TypeScript and CoffeeScript.

Python may not be a close alternate, but its fashionability is emotional nevertheless according to SlashData, the language is now used by some11.3 million coders, primarily within data wisdom and machine literacy, and IoT operations.

The concoction of Guido van Rossum, Python's fashionability has exploded in recent times, catching that of Java, which is presently used by9.6 m inventors. Java remains a go-to for mobile and desktop apps, SlashData's check plant.

According to SlashData, Python added2.3 m inventors to its community in the once 12 months." That is a 25 growth rate, one of the loftiest across all the large programming language communities of further than 7M druggies," the report noted.

"The rise of data wisdom and machine literacy (ML) is a clear factor in Python's fashionability. Further, 70 of ML inventors and data scientists report using Python. For perspective, only 17 use R, the other language frequently associated with data wisdom."

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slashdata-programming- language- community-size-q32021.jpg
JavaScript, Python, Java, C/ C, PHP andC# eclipse the programming language fashionability maps
Of course, determining the inventor base of any particular programming language isn't exact wisdom." It can be hard to assess how extensively used a programming language is," noted SlashData. Its numbers are grounded on two pieces of data the association's own estimate of the number of software inventors worldwide (which it puts at26.8 million), as well as its biyearly checks, which SlashData said reach" knockouts of thousands of inventors every six months". So, there's some periphery for error.
Rounding out the top five most popular languages were C/ C (7.5 m inventors), PHP (7.3 m) andC# (7.1 m). Of these, PHP has grown the fastest over the once six months, SlashData reported, acquiring one million new inventors between Q1 and Q3. Like JavaScript, PHP remains popular for Web and backend operations.

Rust is another programming language that has been making swells in recent times. The open-source programming language is substantially used in bedded software and' bare essence' development, although has also planted a home in AR and VR game development.
"Rust has formed a veritably strong community of inventors who watch about performance, memory safety, and security. As a result, it grew briskly than any other language in the last 24 months, nearly tripling in size from just0.4 M inventors in Q3 2019 to1.1 M," the report read.

slashdata- state-of-dev- nation- language-popularity.jpg
Rust grew faster than any other programming language in the last 24 months, SlashData plant
SlashData's report plant that inventors are decreasingly getting involved in 5G systems, particularly those related to IoT, AR/ VR, consumer electronics, and machine literacy/ AI.

Maybe commonly, China was planted to be the epicenter of 5G inventor exertion 13 of repliers grounded in China reported they were laboriously working on 5G systems, which SlashData said was nearly double the global normal.

North and South America followed, with 11 and 10 independently. Despite this, the reported plant that 43 of the inventors in North America had no interest or involvement in 5G – advanced than the global normal of 35.

SlashData suggested that misinformation about 5G pay be at least incompletely to condemn then." Clearer messaging about the eventuality of 5G may help to bring new inventors on board. Still, this isn't without challenges in an age where confusion and misinformation about 5G are current," the report said.

Plutocrat TALKS

SlashData's rearmost report also aimed to take the palpitation on inventor sentiment amid changing pool dynamics and a tech hiring request in flux.

Specifically, it asked inventors what would prompt them to leave their current employer for a job away. Half of the inventors (50) said they would change company for better pay, although a third of repliers were not financially motivated, concluding for provocations similar as career advancement (31), broadening knowledge or chops (31), the capability to work ever (22) and better company culture (20).

Inventors in Eastern Europe were most likely to prioritize adding their payment- nearly seven in ten said a better offer would prompt them to switch jobs. Compensation was also important for Chinese inventors, with three in five saying better pay would make them switch.

slash data- inventor- report-eastern-europe.jpg
Chasing an advanced payment was particularly important for inventors in Eastern Europe

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Endured inventors were planted the be the happiest in their jobs – around one in six of those with 16 or further times of experience said nothing would make them change jobs. Career advancement and taking on a more grueling part both peak for inventors with three to five times under their belts, the check plant.

"There are numerous reasons an inventor may choose to switch employers, and whilst it's important to ignore the impact of compensation, other factors play an important part, especially as the part of work in our lives continues to evolve," it said.

"For those concerned with hiring and retaining inventors, plutocrat addresses, but it's not the only content of the discussion."

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Microsoft wants to take Excel beyond figures and textbook

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets get some new data type options.

Microsoft wants to take Excel beyond figures and textbook

Microsoft has streamlined Excel to allow inventors to programmatically produce their own custom data types in the popular spreadsheet program.

This update is not aimed at Excel- using business directors but inventors who need to controvert metadata in Excel cells. Excel has historically been about organizing textbooks and figures but Microsoft has, several times, been working to boost the number of data types the operation supports.

At last time's Ignite 2020 conference, it introduced both dynamic arrays and array formulas and support for Stocks and Terrain data types via Bing. Enkindle's on again this week, and Microsoft has fostered this thing with further data types that also power Wolfram hunt. Microsoft in August blazoned fresh Wolfram data types for Excel.

The gist of it's that linked data types connect druggies in Excel to other data from Bing, Wolfram, Power BI, and other sources, covering currencies, terrain, associations, locales, metropolises, universities, space, people, space, creatures, and so on. Numerous of them are powered by Wolfram, the wisdom-concentrated hunt machine.

Microsoft for its part wants to show the world that Excel is far further than textbooks and figures and comes as several software merchandisers push the idea of low-law or no-law app development, which allows developers to produce mobile and desktop operations for businesses. Excel is really important for Microsoft's no-law story.

" Innumerous results have been erected with Excel. Numerous of these results are powered by cells which most frequently contain (or estimate to) just textbook or figures," explains Chris Gross, a program director at Microsoft.

"With the addition of data types, Excel has evolved to a world where cells can contain commodity much richer. Linked data types ( Stocks, Geography, Wolfram and Power BI), real values, dynamic arrays, bettered crimes, images in cells, lambdas, and formatted number values are all new types that have been delivered on this pledge and back numerous of the guests you have seen introduced in the product-moment," says Gross.

Microsoft has introduced several new standard JavaScript interfaces (APIs) that allow inventors to use further data types. This should make life easier for inventors.

It should reduce the need for inventors to make custom fixes for add- sways they need to moment.

The first API is called range. values as JSON, which allows inventors to read and write data types and should be familiar to those who use the range. values API,
The new API" can return stoked information about introductory types ( textbook, figures, crimes) as well as information about the new data types we've introduced," says Gross.

It also supports reality values, formatted number values, web images, and arrays. They can be used as inputs and labor.

"We're erecting this API with the world of services in mind. We want to make it easy for you as an investor to extend any service and fluently expose your data to Excel through your add- heft. It should be as simple as espousing our schema and passing the schematized values for display and play within Excel," notes Gross.

It's presently available in the rearmost interpretation of the interposers figure of Excel for Windows and macOS with the rearmost JavaScript APIs.

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The REVEALED Real reason why WhatsApp will stop working on some phones after 9 days

The REVEALED Real reason why WhatsApp will stop working on some phones after 9 days

The REVEALED Real reason why WhatsApp will stop working on some phones after 9 days

Android and iOS druggies can check the software installed in their smartphones via penetrating the mobile phone settings.

WhatsApp is likely to stop working on several smartphones on 9 days-November 1. The Facebook-possessed messaging app had lately blazoned that it would not be exploitable on aged performances of Android and iOS, reports said.

Still, also you won't be suitable to shoot or view dispatches, prints If this is true and you're locked out of WhatsApp.

It's important to note that if you have a smartphone that supports Android Zilches4.1 and over and iOS 10 and over also you'll be the only one who'll be suitable to use the messaging app.

Before the deadline does arrive, it's important to check whether the interpretation of the software on your phone matches the demand. Android and iOS druggies can check the same via penetrating the mobile phone settings.

Meanwhile, then's the full list of smartphones that WhatsApp will stop working on in 9 days i.e. November 1.

Check full list then


Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite 
Galaxy SII
Galaxy Trend II
Galaxy S3 mini
Galaxy Core 
Galaxy Xcover 2
Galaxy Ace 2


iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus 
Apple iPhone SE 


ZTE Grand S Flex 
Grand X Quad V987
ZTE V956
Grand Memo 


Huawei Ascend G740 
Ascend D Quad XL 
Ascend Mate
Ascend P1 S
Ascend D2
Ascend D1 Quad XL.


LG Lucid 2
Optimus L5 Dual
Optimus L4 II Dual
Optimus F3Q
Optimus F7
Optimus F5
Optimus L3 II Dual 
Optimus F5 
Optimus L5
Optimus L5 II 
Optimus L3 II
Optimus L7
Optimus L7 II Dual
Optimus L7 II 

Optimus F6 
Optimus F3
Optimus L4 II
Optimus L2 II
Optimus Nitro HD and 4X HD.

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New Update: iPhone druggies Warn Facebook intimately tracking your conditioning, then is how

New Update: iPhone druggies Warn! Facebook intimately tracking your conditioning, then is how

New Update: iPhone druggies Warn Facebook intimately tracking your conditioning, then is how

Security judges have issued a warning to Apple iPhone druggies regarding the Facebook iOS app.

The Facebook software should be removed from the iOS device snappily, as per the security expert.

According to the experimenter, the Facebook app continues to collect data via the accelerometer. Indeed if druggies choose out of third-party app shadowing, this information is gathered. The position of the stoner is used by the accelerometer.

Facebook collects accelerometer statistics all the time, as per cyber security experts Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk.

Indeed if you do not give Facebook authorization to track your whereabouts, it can still do so. It allegedly does this by covering the phone's accelerometer and connecting you with other druggies who have endured the same vibration frequency.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, according to Tommy Mysk, are all impacted. WhatsApp, on the other hand, allows you to turn off this option.

The experts also examined TikTok, WeChat, iMessage, Telegram, and Signal. Druggies' exertion isn't tracked by these apps using the accelerometer. There's no system to disable accelerometer shadowing on Facebook right now. To avoid being tracked, one must uninstall this app from your device.

Facebook can use this information to track where a stoner has been at any given time. They can also learn about habits and geste using this information.

As per the analysis of the business news website, Facebook can connect druggies with people they do not know. Facebook, it's claimed, can tell if you are lying down, resting, or moving when using an app grounded on accelerometer data.

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Gmail Backup: Here how youll backup important emails and documents from your Gmail account - Details inside

Gmail Backup: Here is how you'll back up important emails and documents from your Gmail account - Details inside

Gmail Backup: Here how youll backup important emails and documents from your Gmail account - Details inside

There are a couple of steps through which you'll backup all of your emails - Know more

Many folks pass our entire lives without changing our email IDs but people that switch jobs frequently or use different software on a day to day and particularly college students who might need a backup regarding all their emails and projects after college is over for future references. 

In such circumstances backing up your emails, pictures and documents may be a necessary thing to try to do and also a sensible move. Though many applications provide automatic backup from time to time, one must skills to manually backup material available in their mail. 

If you employ Gmail which is powered by Google, there are a couple of simple steps which will assist you to download all of your emails but before you are doing it confirm to read the organization policy. 

Steps to backup your emails: 

  1. - Log in to your Gmail account and click on on 'Data & Personalisation' on the left panel 
  2. - Keep scrolling till you discover the section - 'Download or delete your data' and click on thereon 
  3. - you'll reach the 'Takeout' zone, confirm you've got allowed it full access. Once you are doing that, you'll see an inventory of all the apps you employ and various options to download your data. Amongst those apps find Gmail.
  4. - Tick the box beside 'Gmail' and 'All Mail data included' and click on on subsequent step 
  5. - Choose your preferred delivery method and export frequency and click on on export. 

Google will automatically collect all of your data from your Gmail and other Apps connected thereto and email it to you once everything is prepared . you'll click on the file to download everything.

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Windows News: How to hide sensitive information on Windows 10 - inspect this step-by-step guide

Windows News: How to hide sensitive information on Windows 10 - inspect this step-by-step guide

Windows News: How to hide sensitive information on Windows 10 - inspect this step-by-step guide

These methods, alongside an encryption protocol, are often all you would like to stay important private files hidden and safe from any intruder's eyes.

It has become simpler to invade people's privacy as technology has advanced, particularly with digital data. Despite all of Microsoft's efforts to upgrade Windows 10, the company's main OS still contains elements of the old PC OS.

You can manage Windows 10 in unique and intriguing ways you'd haven't thought were possible, only by applying a couple of methods.

For example, you'll conceal a Windows 10 folder from File Explorer and make that folder and every one of the files it contains practically undeletable just by executing a particular combination of commands. That combination, alongside an encryption protocol, is often all you would like to stay important private files hidden and safe from any watchful eyes.

Here's the way to make a hidden, virtually undeletable folder in Windows 10

Users in Windows 10 are unable to utilize some protected data types as folder names. Microsoft has taken steps to plug the issues within the DOS instruction.

As a result, we'll need to believe in more traditional approaches to stay our sensitive files and data hidden within the system.

Creating and hiding folders is not any longer done using the instruction. Instead, we may do that with Windows File Explorer and therefore the Windows Graphical interface.

Step 1: Open Windows File Explorer and attend the folder or drive where you would like your hidden folder to be created. By right-clicking on a vacant space within the right-hand pane and selecting New Folder from the context menu, you'll create a replacement folder.
Step 2: From the context menu, right-click the newly formed folder and choose Properties. attend Attributes section at rock bottom of the screen, and tick the boxes labeled Read-Only and Hidden.
Step 3: Click the Apply button to use the attributes to all or any files and subfolders, then, click okay to finish the attribute modification.

These procedures also will make the files Read-only, meaning they can't be updated or rewritten without taking explicit efforts to reverse the settings.

Procedures for enabling access to the hidden folder and its contents are following:

Step 1: Open File Explorer and attend the View tab.
Step 2: Select Show/Hide Hidden Items from the menu and you will see a non-highlighted version of the folder.

Although a disguised folder name is not the best or efficient solution to hide sensitive data, it's better than doing nothing in the least. Security breaches to your hidden folder will demand deliberate and systematic action.

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Tech News: No, Intel Alder Lake isnt underperforming in those benchmarks – heres why?

Tech News: No, Intel Alder Lake isn't underperforming in those benchmarks – here's why

Tech News: No, Intel Alder Lake isnt underperforming in those benchmarks – heres why

A recent benchmark showing 'only' 11.5% gains is misleading

A newly uncovered benchmark for the Intel Alder Lake Core i9-12900K processor is making the rounds in the week, fueling speculation that Alder Lake-S is falling in need of the performance gains Intel promised during its recent Architecture Day event. That's not really accurate, though, since the benchmarks in question don't really show what critics are claiming it does.

The benchmark, found within the PugetBench Database by Twitter leaker Benchleaks, shows the Intel Core i9-12900K – the flagship processor for Intel's upcoming Alder Lake-S series chips – hitting its highest score of 1575 on Puget System's Adobe After Effects benchmark, which is about 11.5% above an equivalent benchmark for an Intel Core i9-11900K running on an identical system.

Intel said during its Architecture Day event that Intel Alder Lake will improve their new CPU's instructions per clock by 19% over the previous generation Rocket Lake-S processors, and clearly, 11.5% is a smaller amount than 19%.

We reached bent Intel to discussing the benchmark and a corporation spokesperson politely reiterated Intel's policy of not commenting on rumors and speculation.

As VideoCardz notes, however, the benchmark in question isn't a straight-up CPU benchmark – it shows how the whole system performs, not just the CPU. it's the primary benchmark we've really seen that uses an Intel Core i9-12900K processor though, then there are sure to be comparisons to earlier tests within the PugetBench database and many conversations around about what it all means.

Whether those comparisons are fair is vital, though, even as recognizing that 11.5% is smaller than 19% as far as percentage figures go as long as you strip the 2 figures of any of their context.

Analysis: This test result doesn't suggest the maximum amount as it's being made to seem 

We here at TechRadar test computers for a living, meaning that we run all types of benchmarks to push CPUs, GPUs, batteries, and other components to ascertain how well systems are built and provides an objective measure of how well those systems should be expected to run.

Benchmarks are important especially for comparing different systems, even those running equivalent hardware, since how a manufacturer builds its system can make or break its overall performance. As such, it's perfectly valid to match systems across generations or using different competing components like an RTX 3080 vs RX 6800 XT graphics card using their relative benchmark scores.

What you cannot do though is make apples-to-pears comparisons and treat it as if you were eyeballing equivalent metrics.

The PugetBench Adobe After Effects benchmark being talked about isn't strictly a CPU benchmark, it's designed to live the whole computing system against a coordinate system employed by Puget Systems to calculate an overall score. What PugetBench's benchmarks tell you is what proportion better a computer can run a given Adobe app than the coordinate system does.

In this case, we will tell that Adobe After Effects performs up to 11.5% better on the system running the Intel Core i9-12900K than it did on the one running an Intel Core i9-11900K, relative to a lower-specced coordinate system. 

The Alder Lake and Rocket Lake systems weren't entirely equivalent either. They were both using an RTX 3090 with an equivalent driver version, but they were running on different motherboards using different sorts of RAM running at different speeds, with no mention of the type of CPU cooling solutions used. 

This matters, since we see equivalent hardware producing some very divergent CPU benchmark results when running on different systems all the time here at TechRadar, something we note in our reviews where appropriate.

There is also a legitimate question about how well any third-party benchmark goes to live hardware components that haven't been released yet. How well a benchmark is optimized for hardware that does not even have official support yet can make a true difference in its scoring. this is often an enormous reason any pre-launch benchmark on engineering samples must be crazy an outsized grain of salt.

An Intel Core i9-11900K socketed into a motherboard

To test whether the Intel Alder Lake Core i9-12900K actually performs 19% more instructions per clock cycle than a Rocket Lake Core i9-11900K, you ultimately got to run a CPU benchmark designed to live a CPU's instructions per clock. There are benchmarks that do that , but the PugetBench After Effects benchmark doesn't give that measure its own distinct score if it fully measures it in the least.

Instead, you get an overall score of system performance, and you'll still achieve a 19% greater instructions per clock and not have it translate directly into 19% better performance. Intel only claims the previous, not the latter.

Moreover, that 19% figure cited by Intel is that the results of many, many tests averaged together, which suggests you'll have tests that show an 11.5% increase in instructions per clock and tests that show a 26.5% increase and obtain to a 19% average. you would like quite a couple of isolated benchmarks to say that a given chip is underperforming expectations.

We have always been critical of Intel's processors when things warrant it, and Intel's Core i9-12900K could find yourself disappointing us even quite the Intel Core i9-11900K did once we reviewed it earlier this year, but these limited benchmark results don't tell us nearly enough to mention that the i9-12900K is underperforming Intel's claim of 19% improvement in instructions per clock.

As Alder Lake's release gets closer, we'll see more relevant benchmarks shooting up online and we'll be ready to get a far better sense of where things are headed – and, ultimately, the sole tests we care about are those we run ourselves – but the claim that Intel somehow did not copy its claims after one series of semi-relevant benchmarks is extremely premature.

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Tech Update: Facebook app could soon see video and voice calls added

Tech Update: Facebook app could soon see video and voice calls added

Is the social media giant looking to integrate Messenger into Facebook again?

Tech Update: Facebook app could soon see video and voice calls added

Facebook Messenger App
(Image credit: pixabay)

Years after removing direct messaging features from most Facebook apps, the social media giant looks to be considering their return because it tests the addition of voice and video calls to Facebook, consistent with Bloomberg.

Facebook users were previously only ready to make voice and video calls to other users through Facebook’s separate Messenger app when on mobile, but the testing will see some accounts ready to make these calls using the most app.

Facebook’s director of product management, Connor Hayes, told Bloomberg the the test is looking to streamline communication by removing the necessity to modify between most Facebook app and Facebook Messenger.

It’s so far unclear whether Facebook will bring the first feature of Messenger – text chat – back to the most app, but some integration of other Facebook properties have already begun to happen.

Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by Facebook, and it's already enabled users to attach their Messenger and Instagram chats together since September last year. There’s also talk about connecting WhatsApp and Messenger chats also.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Hayes said: “You’re getting to start to ascertain quite a bit more of this over time”.

Analysis: are two apps better than one?

Facebook first removed messaging features from its mobile app in 2014, which meant users needed to download Messenger if they wanted to continue sending direct messages to other Facebook users from mobile.

While there’s an argument to be made for streamlining messaging back to most Facebook app, there’s also an honest case for keeping them separate. Facebook certainly isn’t what it wont to be – moving from a social media site where users shared text or status posts to at least one that now primarily sees users sharing links and viewing ads.

Some users should want to bypass the stream of stories, advertisements, and shared posts by using Messenger to speak with friends and family, while others have removed the most Facebook app from their phone altogether.

Data collected by SimilarWeb shows that while WhatsApp is that the messaging app of choice in most countries, Messenger comes in second, and is that the app of choice in countries like us , Australia, Canada, and France.

Either way, Facebook wins when it involves messaging apps, but the question is whether or not integrating Messenger features back to most app will help the business, or have users trying to find alternatives within the future 

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Windows News: Windows 7 driver updates are killed off by Microsoft

Windows News: Windows 7 driver updates are killed off by Microsoft

Windows News: Windows 7 driver updates are killed off by Microsoft

No more driver updates to be piped via Windows Update

Windows 7
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Windows 7 users are hit by some more bad news, with the revelation that Microsoft is not any longer supporting driver updates in the least through Windows Update for the aging OS.

This follows another recent move made by Nvidia, where Team Green discontinued core driver support for its graphics cards with Windows 7, and also Windows 8/8.1 for that matter (although any vital security fixes will still be delivered through until 2024).

As Bleeping Computer reports, support has now been ditched for Windows 7 (SP1) drivers being delivered via Windows Update, following the expiry of the SHA-1 Trusted Root Certificate Authority in May 2021. also as Windows 7, this is applicable to Windows Server 2008.

Naim Mohammad, Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, said: “On June 17, 2021, Microsoft will discontinue the publication of drivers to Windows Update for Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.”

However, note that business users paying for the ESU or Extended Security Update program (which will continue until July 2022) will still be ready to deploy Windows 7 drivers via WSUS (Windows Server Update Services).

Code integrity

Microsoft explains that the piping of drivers to Windows 7 has been ceased because with the aforementioned expiration of SHA-1 certificates, partners who are delivering their drivers through the Microsoft Trusted Root Program could deploy SHA-2 signed drivers instead – but these are incompatible.

If they made their way through to Windows 7 devices from Windows Update, that would cause serious issues including ‘degraded functionality’ or indeed totally bricking the machine so it doesn’t boot. As Microsoft notes: “Unpatched systems will have code integrity failures when presented with an SHA-2 signed driver.”

So to avoid any potential nasty side effects like this, Microsoft is not any longer allowing SHA-2 signed drivers to be delivered via Windows Update, so driver updates are effectively now pack up.

Official support for Windows 7 ended at the beginning of 2020, a year and a half ago now, so consumers still using Windows 7 – or businesses not paying for extended security support – should, of course, be moving on to Windows 10 (soon to be Windows 11) by now (or switching elsewhere, perhaps finding out Linux distros). Yet going by some reports, a surprising amount of PC owners are sticking with Windows 7, which ground will only get rockier going forward.

Today’s best Windows 10 deals