Friday, February 10, 2023

Your sales are increasing thanks to Microsoft Viva and ChatGPT.

Your sales are increasing thanks to Microsoft Viva and ChatGPT.


The most recent Microsoft product to receive ChatGPT is Viva.

Microsoft's sales-focused software is expected to significantly benefit from the company's developing relationship with OpenAI, the organization behind the incredibly popular ChatGPT.

Microsoft Viva Sales will be the first to use GPT-3.5, which will, in the words of the firm, "enable sellers to remain on top of customer communications and spend a fraction of the time doing it."

Microsoft wants to make the experience better for the clients who will really use the tool, not for the customers of its clients. It predicts an increase in productivity and a better user experience.

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Sellers can enter a prompt, and ChatGPT will provide a suggested response that can be modified as they go. In a product announcement(opens in new tab), Dynamics 365 Customer Experience Platform corporate VP Lori Lamkin stated that it will be able to manage a variety of emails, from inquiries to bids.

According to Microsoft, who conducted a research study that revealed salespeople were spending two-thirds (66%) of their days monitoring emails, end customers are expected to benefit significantly from this inclusion.

With its current offerings including natural language technology that can generate call summaries, detect questions, calculate conversational KPIs, and extract action items, Microsoft has been increasing its use of AI in recent months. This is just the newest addition to what is likely to be a whole flurry.

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