Thursday, February 9, 2023

The upcoming modifications to Google Chrome will really enrage Apple.

The upcoming modifications to Google Chrome will really enrage Apple.


Despite the WebKit restriction, Google is testing Blink on iOS devices.

According to a recent report from, instead of Apple's WebKit engine, Google's Chromium team is testing the Blink browser engine on iOS devices.

The terms and conditions of the Apple App Store mandate that all software, including the current version of Google Chrome, use the WebKit engine. However, it appears that Chromium's engineers are planning for a time when the business could be able to employ the Blink engine that typically drives its browser in other places.

However, some have speculated that, amid US government pressure to open up platforms and other EU regulatory action that has implied that users should be able to download apps outside of their native store environment, Apple may soon have to allow a lot of practices that it has previously condemned.

If this is the case, then it’s possible that a Blink-powered Chrome app will be allowed, bringing it in line with the rest of Google’s offerings, and a head-start will give it a one-up on other competitors that will likely be tempted to use their own default engines rather than Apple’s WebKit.

"This is an experimental prototype that we are developing as part of an open-source project with the goal to understand certain aspects of performance on iOS. It will not be available to users and we'll continue to abide by Apple's policies."

"We are creating this experimental prototype as a part of an open-source effort with the intention of better understanding specific areas of iOS performance. Users won't be able to access it, and we'll keep up with Apple's rules."

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