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One Nation, One Charger: Will Type C chargers be required for phones and laptops in India? The common charger policy is in full

One Nation, One Charger: Will Type C chargers be required for phones and laptops in India? The common charger policy is in full


The recent approval of the Common Charger policy in the European Union has led to discussions of its adoption in India.

With numerous phone manufacturers and models finally switching to the Type C charging connection in their smartphones, the Type C USB charger has become a standard in homes all over the world. The European Union's One Nation, One Charger policy is one of the factors contributing to this.

The One Nation, One Charger policy was recently adopted by the European Union, which mandates that all phones sold in the EU must have a Type C charging port and use the same universal charger. Soon, laptops will also be covered by this policy.

There are now discussions of implementing the One Nation One Charger policy in India as well, and the government is developing a strategy for doing so. While Apple products currently have a separate port, the bulk of Android phones uses a Type C port.

Will Indian phones and laptops require Type C chargers?

The One Nation One Charger policy has been promoted globally by the European Union, and various nations, including India, are actively working to develop a plan for its implementation.

The EU has recommended that the common charger policy be put into effect starting in 2024 and that it be extended to laptops starting in 2026. While the EU has advocated for Type C chargers to be used with all smartphones, India has a separate plan in place.

According to the policy, the Indian government intends to introduce two chargers: one for smartphones and one for feature phones. The smartphone will be charged using a Type C USB charger, which is the same for Apple and Android phones.

One sort of charging port will be practical for all smartphone users in India, it is predicted, once the Type C charger law is adopted nationwide.

Reasons to use Type C chargers

The Type C charger is not only one of the most widely used and accessible chargers in the world, but it also charges devices more quickly than standard USB chargers. It is also applicable to laptops, tablets, and a variety of wireless devices in addition to phones.

Additionally, Type C adapters are more widely available and far less expensive than normal iPhone chargers. India's e-waste will significantly decrease if Type C chargers become required.

Beginning in 2024, all phones made in the EU will be subject to the One Nation, One Charger regulation, which may shortly be extended to phones made in India.

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