Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Now by default, Amazon S3 will encrypt data

Now by default, Amazon S3 will encrypt data.


Today, server-side encryption is assumed.

All new objects added to buckets server-side are now automatically encrypted using Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage platform.

The business claimed in a blog post on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) website that while encryption has always been simple to enable, managers had to be aware of the functionality, but now the process requires "zero clicks" and has no effect on performance.

Existing users of Amazon S3 can, for a fee, configure AWS CloudTrail to record data events and confirm the change by checking the S3 part of the AWS management dashboard to see whether their objects are encrypted.

"The opt-in nature of SSE-S3 meant that you had to make confident that it was always configured on new buckets and ensure that it remained configured properly over time," S├ębastien Stormacq, a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, stated in the announcement.

"This upgrade assists in meeting their encryption compliance standards without the need for additional tools or client configuration adjustments for enterprises that require all of their assets to remain encrypted at rest using SSE-S3."

The service also provides client-side encryption, via a library like the Amazon S3 encryption client, as a way to protect data for advanced users who want more control over the encryption process. These options include customer-provided encryption keys (SSE-C) and AWS Key Management Service keys (SSE-KMS) as well.

Many IT administrators will value the range of data security measures available, while smaller firms wishing to protect their data may find SSE-S3 to be appealing due to its simplicity and lack of additional knowledge (or input) requirements.

All regions where AWS is accessible, according to Amazon, have received the adjustment. Existing customers can also encrypt data in the past by adhering to the guidelines in another AWS blog post 

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