Gaming News: PS5 price and release date apparently listed on Amazon – but were not convinced

Gaming News: PS5 price and release date apparently listed on Amazon – but were not convinced

Amazon France apparently listed the PS5's price

Another PS5 price has apparently been listed on Amazon, this point in France and reports say that the bottom console was priced as €499.99. It also lists the discharge date as November 20, which may be a Friday.

We're not convinced there's anything during this, though.

Ben Geskin on Twitter shared a screengrab of the listing below. Note, though, that we've not been ready to verify this ourselves, and this same image appears to possess been doing the rounds for a minimum of several days.

So, is that an important deal? We wouldn't get too over excited just yet. Everyone sharing this image appears to be using an equivalent single screengrab, with equivalent parts blurred out, so it's hard to seek out another source that corroborates the page looking exactly like this within the last week.

It's a little different from the last PS5 Amazon UK price snafu, for instance, where someone actually managed to order from a dummy ASIN page and screengrab that process. Amazon UK later told IGN the listing was simply an "error".

The release date during this image is within the 'Holiday 2020' range set by Sony, on the other hand, any week before Black Friday 2020 seems plausible, really. The PS4, for reference, launched on Friday, November 15, 2013.

The price mentioned here for the bottom unit of the PS5, though, is roughly what we're expecting from the new console.

It's extremely unlikely Sony would let this information be widely disseminated before a politician announcement, once you consider that nothing about the PS5 itself leaked before the recent reveal event. Pricing may be a sensitive subject, with Microsoft and Sony little question carefully keeping an eye fixed on one another to hit what they deem the proper range for his or her player bases.

Our verdict? await Sony's next announcement, and be wary of bogus PS5 pricing stories. within the meantime, we've reached bent Amazon France to verify whether the listing was real.

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