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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Node.js merges in the best of io.js

Upcoming version of the server-side JavaScript platform can feature capabilities from ECMAScript six specification already found in io.js.

Now that the reunion of Node.js and io.js factions could be a done deal, Node.js users will forestall to associate degree coming version that converges the 2 variants of the server-side JavaScript platform.

The release can feature capabilities from the ECMAScript six specification underlying JavaScript, that square measure already in io.js, aforesaid Mikeal Rogers, WHO has been a voice for the fork. "We're functioning on a next major unharness that's a convergence of what happened in Node zero.12 and what is happened in io.js," he aforesaid in associate degree interview. "And that ought to be prepared within the next few weeks."
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There is no version variety for the upgrade. it'll feature native guarantees, that boosts asynchronous programming; four new sorts of collections, together with Map, WeakMap, Set, and WeakSet; internationalisation capabilities; and guide strings, providing string literals that leave embedded expressions. "[Template strings] offers you a very clean very little syntax," to hitch variables, Rogers aforesaid.

Under the auspices of the Node.js Foundation, Node.js and io.js developer communities square measure asserting a collaboration to merge their code bases. the muse has been shaped to administrate development of Node.js and can be hosted by the UNIX operating system Foundation. Disagreements concerning the direction of Node.js had junction rectifier to the io.js fork, however all was created whole recently once the 2 factions reunited.

Joyent had been the steward of Node.js, however the muse takes over that task currently, with Joyent serving as a top-ranking Pt member of the organization, aboard Microsoft, IBM, Intel, known [better referred to as], and PayPal. there'll even be and Gold- and Silver-level and individual members.

The foundation was shaped to supply a additional neutral venue for development of Node.js, Joyent chief executive officer Scott Hammond explained. There square measure massive stakes at hand with the event of the platform, Jim Zemlin, executive of the UNIX operating system Foundation, said. "[Node.js is] not [just] attending to be around for one or two days. It's attending to be around for ten, 20 years. folks square measure creating bets on their future by reckoning on Node.js."


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