Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CliQr clicks for cloud management

CliQr CloudCenter unlocks cloud movability with migration, governance, management, and benchmarking for multiple clouds.

Deploying applications on IaaS clouds like Amazon may be accomplished far more quickly than shopping for and configuring physical servers and networking instrumentation, however it’s still plenty of labor. several product facilitate ease cloud preparation and operations, as well as platforms as a service like Bluemix, instrumentality systems like dockhand, and scripting engines like cook and Puppet. Even so, if you would like to maneuver your application to a unique cloud platform for higher geographical coverage or lower prices, you'll see appearance of sheer panic from the employees tasked with doing the migration, as a result of their scripts and application configurations can all have to be compelled to be revamped.

Unfortunately, each IaaS has its own computer program and its own scripting genus Apis. there's enough in common that associate abstraction layer is feasible, however, and that’s basically what CliQr CloudCenter has enforced in its Cloud good Orchestrators (CSOs). By operating through CSOs from a centralized computer program, CloudCenter offers you one place from that to deploy applications to several completely different public and personal clouds, with support for cloud migration, governance, management, and benchmarking.

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