Sunday, January 22, 2023

Zoom virtual events are undergoing a significant upgrade.

Zoom virtual events are undergoing a significant upgrade.


Zoom introduces a new mid-tier plan for people hosting single-session events.

A new event management tool from Zoom has been released, allowing digital event planners to build sessions without making excessive financial or other sacrifices by choosing a more expensive or less expensive option.

A "one size fits all" strategy is no longer effective, according to the video conferencing business, as more clients have grown acclimated to online settings.

In order to promote better branding, analytics, and engagements and ultimately improve ROI, the new Zoom Sessions service was created.

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The Zoom Sessions product, which is already on the market, fills the gap between Zoom Meetings, a more expensive option with more features, and Zoom Webinars, on which it is based. Licenses start at $990 (£730) per year, and pricing(opens in new tab) is scaleable depending on the number of guests you need.

Zoom has also made backstage accessible to Zoom Sessions for events that need several co-hosts, allowing organizers to collaborate before, during, and after an event.

Naturally, Zoom Sessions have all of the same capabilities as Zoom Webinars, such as support for films up to 30 hours long, branding-compatible virtual backgrounds, and Q&A, polling, and quiz tools.

In addition to sometimes releasing new solutions, like many video conferencing systems, Zoom frequently modifies its business- and personal-oriented plans in an effort to hold onto its sizeable market share in opposition to competitors like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

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