Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Thanks to a patent, Sony might now compete with Xbox Game Pass streaming.

Thanks to a patent, Sony might now compete with Xbox Game Pass streaming.


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A novel device that could offer cloud gaming services when linked with a streaming stick is described in a recently uncovered Sony patent.

It would appear that the PS5 console would not be necessary with this perspective streaming gadget. The actual patent, which VeryAli Gaming(opens in new tab)found, demonstrates that the widget serves as a pass-through between your TV and streaming sticks of choice.

In one of the patent's designs, Sony's PS Now streaming service is added to the streaming stick's home menu along with other options you could regularly see on a Fire TV Stick 4K Max, for example, movies, music, and so forth. Nevertheless, the patent was first submitted in May That would have been written prior to the PS Plus update that included PS Now in the new tier-based service. of last year.

It's yet unclear how the finished product will look, as well as what titles will be included in the collection that may be played. However, Sony's proposal is intriguing and has the potential to help them enter the cloud gaming market, much like Xbox Game Pass has.

To be honest, I find Sony's depiction of a cloud-streaming gadget in the aforementioned patent to be a little awkward. Given that it is a pass-through device, a streaming stick is necessary for it to function at all. According to the patent, PlayStation's streaming services appear to be permanently integrated into the using a streaming device.

Of course, having access to a sizable cloud gaming library without owning a console would be fantastic, but we don't actually know how sizable the collection will be.

Currently, PS Plus members who use a PS5 can stream a selection of PS4 and PS3 titles (as well as legacy consoles such as the PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSP). It's truly fantastic if Sony's pass-through gadget enables users to access all of these games without having to use a console or PC.

However, given that just a small selection of the finest PS5 titles are accessible for download via PS Plus, I suspect this will be Sony's method of introducing streamable PS5 games.

However, if Sony can make this product a success, it might be a means for the corporation to measure demand for a product like a real PS Plus streaming stick, which wouldn't require a pass-through to function. And I would really love to witness that.

Xbox Cloud Gaming accessibility has taken off for Microsoft now that the service is built into Samsung TVs and portable devices like the Nvidia Shield. Therefore, I'm all for Sony officially entering the streaming fray, especially given its enormous collection of old PlayStation games.

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