Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Windows 11 now supports iCloud prints

Windows 11 now supports iCloud prints

Windows 11 now supports iCloud prints

The Windows prints app is getting an unbelievable upgrade 

Microsoft has begun the rollout of iCloud print library integration within Windows 11, in the form of an update to the prints app. 

The advertisement( opens in new tab) on the Windows Experience Blog from Dave Grochocki, star Product director Lead for Windows Inbox Posts, follows the company’s original unearthing of the point at its Surface event in October 2022. Once druggies admit the update, they should download the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store to link their accounts. 
Microsoft, Apple, and closed ecosystems

Windows integrating with Apple’s own pall storehouse result is surely one of the first signs that the notion that Microsoft and Apple bias ought to be separate ecosystems is deliquescing. 
As preliminarily reported by The Verge( opens in new tab), iCloud print library integration follows Apple Music appearing as an app in the Microsoft Store( although Windows druggies will have to stay until the coming time), and a native Apple TV app is also said to be coming soon in exercise. Microsoft claims that the decision to integrate the two platforms was made with stoner experience in mind. 
“ We know that numerous Windows guests have print and videotape collections on their iPhones( opens in new tab) that they would like to be suitable to view on their PC, ” wrote Grochocki. “The integration of This iCloud print will make it easier for those with an iPhone to have direct access to all their cherished recollections in one organized place and is another step in our uninterrupted sweats to make gests on Windows 11 flawless. ” 

The new point is analogous to Microsoft’s recent decision to allow print libraries on Android phones to be used with Microsoft 365 on the web. That integration works also, in that a fresh app is needed to link print libraries across platforms. 

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