Monday, November 14, 2022

Some gamers are experiencing stuttering after the latest Windows 11 update

Some gamers are experiencing stuttering after the latest Windows 11 update

Some gamers are experiencing stuttering after the latest Windows 11 update

" Lower than anticipated performance" 

The rollout of the big Windows 11 2022 Update( 22H2) hasn't exactly gone super easily, and there is now another problem to report Microsoft says some druggies may witness" Lower than anticipated performance in some games". 
That is the rearmost entry in the list of given issues( opens in new tab) managed by Microsoft( via PC Gamer( opens in new tab)), and it's described as games being sluggish or suffering from stuttering when being played. However, you are not alone, If it's a commodity that you've noticed since installing the update. 

According to Microsoft, it's due to some games and operations" inadvertently enabling GPU performance debugging features not meant to be used by consumers" – so it's an erected- in Windows 11 point that is being turned on when it should not be. 
Other than that, Microsoft says that it's" working on a resolution and will give an update in a forthcoming release" – so, in other words, you will need to sit tight and stay it out until a fix is included in an unborn Windows 11 patch. 

You may still be suitable to roll back to the former interpretation of Windows 11 while Microsoft sorts out its law from Settings, pick System, also Recovery, and also Go back to return to the interpretation of the software without the 22H2 update applied. 
Analysis bumps in the road 

When you are streamlining millions of computers, it's ineluctable that some of them are going to run into some problems – but the end is always to make sure those problems are as minor as possible and affect as many biases as possible. 
It's delicate to assess how wide this problem is, though considering that a Reddit thread on the problem( opens in a new tab) has attracted hundreds of comments, we are guessing that a substantial number of games are going to be hit by this issue. We preliminarily reported on a significant knob of druggies passing problems with gaming performance after applying the 22H2 update to their machines, and it seems likely that this is the same batch of issues, now officially honored and conceded by Microsoft. 

Considering this major update has also caused problems with printers and Windows Hello, Microsoft will be hoping that it can iron out this gaming issue as snappily as possible – else take up of the Windows 11 operating system is going to remain low. 

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