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Updates: Googles Magic Eraser is turning into a hassle-free Photoshop

Updates: Googles Magic Eraser is turning into a hassle-free Photoshop

Updates: Googles Magic Eraser is turning into a hassle-free Photoshop

New Magic Eraser point shows grand print editing intentions

The Google Pixel 6a may have been a fairly obscure part of Google I/ O 2022, but one of its new camera features shows that Google easily has Photoshop- competing intentions.

We have seen its nifty Magic Eraser tool, which lets you snappily remove unwanted people or objects from a print, preliminarily on the Google Pixel 6. But now Google has blazoned that the tool is getting a new point that'll let you change the color of objects in your prints with a valve.

The illustration Google gave at Google I/ O 2022 was a sand print with a gaudy, green icebox in the background. Rather than removing the object and ruining your composition, the enhanced Magic Eraser rather made the object's color and shadowing mix in naturally with the whole scene.

This might feel like a minor update, but it means that one tool now lets you do enough major print edits – bones that a many times alone would have involved dabbling with masks and eyedropper tools – with one valve. And that means Magic Eraser, and its relatives Face Unblur and Motion Mode and fleetly turning into Photoshop who people who do not like, or need, real Photoshop.

The streamlined Magic Eraser tool will also no doubt spark some photography vs digital art' debates, bones that prospective Pixel 6a possessors probably will not watch about. For reactionaries, the line between the two is crossed when you start adding light or rudiments to a scene that were not there at the point of prisoner – removing objects is one thing, but letting AI and its digital makeup encounter lose on your snaps is relatively another.

But what Google is doing is easily aimed at the point-and-shoot crowd. The Magic Eraser is a coming-generation mending encounter, one that outstrips rivals like Snapseed and PhotoShop – and that' mending' now includes the color palette of your prints.

Google vs Adobe
A phone screen showing Google's Magic Eraser tool

Updates: Googles Magic Eraser is turning into a hassle-free Photoshop

Updates: Googles Magic Eraser is turning into a hassle-free Photoshop

( Image credit Google)

This means Photoshop is a commodity of an arm's race with erected-in tools like Google's Magic Eraser, which explains why Adobe lately hired the person who was the driving force behind Google's Pixel phones, Marc Levoy.

In a fascinating recent converse with Adobe's own Life blog, Levoy revealed that Adobe is working on a" universal camera app" that'll have some of the computational" witchery" that we saw in those early Pixel phones.

But Adobe is actually taking the contrary approach to Google's Magic Eraser. Levoy said that while his part at Google was to" homogenize good photography", his thing at Adobe is rather to" homogenize creative photography". And that means" marrying pro controls to computational photography image processing channels".

Rather, Google's enhanced Magic Eraser falls forcefully into that" standardizing good photography" camp, and it's a commodity that the tool is getting decreasingly complete at. Wail shutterbugs frequently spend hours pondering the color palette of a scene or staying for a seasonable moment, but with Magic Eraser you will soon be suitable to do it with a valve. And that is likely just the launch of its bents.

Which armament is puissant, the Magic Eraser or Photoshop? It depends on which side of the photographic hedge you are on, but there is no mistrustfulness that Google is winning the point-and-shoot side of the battle.

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