Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Google Chrome 88s new features to form your passwords safer

Google Chrome 88s new features to form your passwords safer 

Google Chrome 88s new features to form your passwords safer

All in one place

Google is rolling out new features to the Chrome 88 browser which will allow users to enjoy safer password protection.

The new feature allows users to see, identify, and fix weak passwords in one place. Users can have greater control over their saved passwords for various platforms and sites. 

Google’s Chrome 88 gives you a simple shortcut to spot weak passwords and quickly edit them. 

"To check your passwords, click on the key icon that appears under your profile otherwise you can manually type chrome://settings/passwords in your address bar," Google said.

The Google Chrome password manager already saves users' credentials for multiple platforms and prompts if a password is weak. The thing about the new update is it'll allow users to quickly check, identify, and fix weak passwords right from Chrome Settings. Essentially, users can fix multiple weak passwords in one place as Google Chrome itself performs the role of a fanatical password manager.

"Weak passwords expose you to security risks and will be avoided. In Chrome 88, you'll now complete an easy check to spot any weak passwords and take action easily," Google said.

The new password protection features come on the rear of the tweaks that Chrome got late last year. Among others, it might allow you to log in to websites using the credentials saved in your Google account even without syncing those pieces of data through Chrome.

Chrome Safety Check used widely

Google said password breaches remain a critical concern online. It added that Chrome’s Safety Check is employed 14 million times hebdomadally. "As a result of Safety Check and other improvements launched in 2020, we’ve seen a 37% reduction in compromised credentials stored in Chrome."

The new features with Chrome 88 are going to be unrolled over the approaching weeks.

The feature is added to Chrome’s existing prompt feature when users update saved passwords. This feature will first arrive on Chrome for desktop and iOS versions. The Android app is going to be receiving this feature very soon.

Chrome was streamlining 3 million sign-ins across iOS apps hebdomadally. While biometric identification is already available on the iOS app, Google will soon bring an equivalent to Chrome on Android.

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