New Product: Reliance Jio introduces WiFi mesh router

New Product: Reliance Jio introduces WiFi mesh router

It's priced Rs 2499

Reliance Jio Infocomm (generally mentioned as Reliance Jio), a subsidiary of Jio Platforms, has launched a mesh router to assist expand the WiFi coverage beyond the range provided by the default router across homes or offices that have JioFiber connection.

The company says that, generally, the WiFi coverage provided by the Jio Home Gateway covers an open area of roughly 1000 square feet (on an equivalent floor). However, this range is often suffering from several external factors, like interference from other WiFi Access Points within the surrounding area, placement of the house gateway within the house, user’s distance from it, and therefore the number of walls between the house gateway and the user.

Keeping all this mind, Reliance Jio has launched a mesh WiFi router to expand the WiFi coverage beyond the one offered by the prevailing router. And it's been priced competitively at Rs 2499. No other detail is out there about the merchandise as of now. Though it's said to be manufactured by one Neolync Electronics located in Karnataka.

What is a mesh router?

Unlike typical wireless routers with just one device providing coverage, the simplest mesh WiFi routers have a multi-node setup. meaning that they will have several nodes, which you'll strategically place around the area for full, uninterrupted coverage. That’s because these nodes combat the work of covering the areas the most router can’t reach. These routers are, therefore, ideal when you’re trying to hide an outsized space or a busy, multiple-device household.

In India, Airtel recently came up with mesh router plans to its Xstream Fiber users. As per a report within the Economic Times, "Airtel Fiber Plus Mesh plan carries a tag of Rs 25,000 with the corporate offering Linksys Velop Triband devices. Airtel highlights that its users subscribing to the Fiber Plus Mesh plan will receive three mesh units with a capacity to hide 3500 sq feet."

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