Facebook brings live broadcasts to Messenger Rooms to require on Zoom

Room creators can now broadcast their meetings live to other users

Facebook has added a replacement feature to its Messenger Rooms video conferencing tool which will allow users to broadcast their meetings to others on the social media platform.

By turning an area into a Facebook Live broadcast, up to 50 people can share their meeting online to simply Livestream a spread of events including webinars, discussions, fitness classes and more. The new feature also takes aim at Zoom which charges users to broadcast meetings to other platforms.

For those unaware, Messenger Rooms are joinable group video calls that users are often invited to hitch albeit they do not have a Facebook account. While users can found out an area from Facebook's website, they will also do so from the Facebook Messenger app on their smartphones.

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Broadcasting live from Messenger Rooms

As a part of the new feature in Messenger Rooms, room creators will now be ready to broadcast their room to a Profile, Page or Group and invite others to tune. they're going to even have full control over who can view the printed and who are going to be invited to participate.

When an area creator makes the choice to measure broadcast, all room participants will receive a notification inviting them to hitch and that they will need to opt in to try to so. Participants also can prefer to leave the space before it goes live.

During the printing, room creators are going to be ready to add or remove participants at any time and that they also can lock and unlock an area while life.

Facebook says that the new feature is rolling call at some countries beginning today but the rollout is going to be expanded soon to all or any countries where Messenger Rooms is out there.

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