Exadrive: At 100TB, the world’s biggest SSD gets an (eye-watering) tag

Exadrive: At 100TB, the world’s biggest SSD gets an (eye-watering) tag 

Exadrive: At 100TB, the world’s biggest SSD gets an (eye-watering) tag

Largest ever solid-state drive comes with very steep premium

The Exadrive from Nimbus has held the planet record for the most important solid-state drive within the world for quite two years now but until recently, its price was only available on demand.

The company has now put the costs of its 50TB and 100TB models (either SATA/SAS) online, with the 50TB edition (EDDCT020/EDDCS050) costing $12,500 ($250 per TB) while the 100TB version (EDDCT100/EDDCS100) retailing for $40,000 ($400 per TB). 

In comparison, Samsung’s 30.72TB monster, the MZILT30THMLA, retails for $8,860 ($288 per TB) while your cheapest SSD will retail for under $90, albeit with consumer-grade QLC NAND.


Both drives are available a 3.5-inch form factor instead of the more popular 2.5-inch one. They use enterprise-grade MLC 3D NAND instead of QLC, providing a sequential read/write speeds of up to 500/460MB/s and up to 114,000/105,000 IOPS reads/writes.

The audience for this drive are outfits trying to find the very best storage density available on the market at any cost. The ExaDrive range features a five-year warranty, is guaranteed for unlimited drive writes per day during that period, and features a mean solar time between failures of two .5 million hours.

The 100TB model has 5x more capacity than the most important hard disc drive on the market and 67% than the subsequent largest solid-state drive, a 60TB Seagate SSD that was launched back in 2016. Very large capacity solid-state drives haven’t been flooding the market despite previous predictions.

Blame it on demand and provide as hyperscalers, web hosting companies and repair providers are generally proud of hard disc drives and NAND manufacturers are almost maintaining with demand from other verticals (smartphones, laptops, etc).

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