Sunday, June 28, 2020

This is what Windows 10’s new Start menu will appear as if

This is what Windows 10’s new Start menu will appear as if

This is what Windows 10’s new Start menu will appear as if

Microsoft teases big changes

Microsoft has given us another glance of what its redesigned Windows 10 Start menu will appear as if – and it seems to be an enormous improvement.

While it’s not a radical overhaul, it's like Microsoft is functioning hard to make sure that the new Start menu blends in with the opposite aesthetic changes the corporate has delivered to its OS within the (almost) five years since Windows 10 was launched.

This means Live Tiles (yep, they seem to be sticking around for now) that have backgrounds that match your choice of sunshine or dark theme.

If Live Tiles are turned off by the user, they're going to now show new ‘Fluent Design’ icons with a translucent background, instead of the rather jarring solid blocks of color that Live Tiles currently show when turned off.

The result's rather pleasing, and it means the beginning menu as an entire doesn’t look so out of place with the remainder of your desktop.

Recent apps, which appear on the left of the beginning menu, have also been tweaked, and not have colored backgrounds – again, making it mesh better together with your desktop theme and colours .

When’s it coming?

The new Start menu is certainly an improvement in our eyes, and was shared by Microsoft 365 on Facebook.

However, there was no hint at when the new Start menu are going to be added to Windows 10, and Microsoft seems to be working hard thereon , and eager to catch on right.

As we mentioned earlier, this isn’t an enormous overhaul, but in some ways that’s an honest thing. The last time Microsoft radically changed the beginning menu, we ended up with Windows 8 and its unpopular ‘Metro’ Start Screen.

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