Windows Update: Windows 10 20H1 update will finally fix File Explorer

Windows Update: Windows 10 20H1 update will finally fix File Explorer

Windows Update: Windows 10 20H1 update will finally fix File Explorer

20H1 update will iron out numerous glitches also

The soon-to-be-released Windows 10 20H1 update looks set to finally fix Microsoft’s bug-prone File Explorer experience.

Windows 10 users have long been having issues with Microsoft’s integrated Search platform. This began with the discharge of the Windows 10 November 2020 Update, which promised a smoother, faster search experience and brought with it major File Explorer improvements, including a fanatical files preview UI that displays web-powered suggestions of files stored in OneDrive and previews of files stored locally.

However, the glitch-prone update also broke the search bar, disabled right-click and removed the choice to delete recent searches. Some users also complained that, after installing the November update, the File Explorer window freezes and becomes unresponsive.

"Sometimes search box is getting totally stuck," one user complained about the Microsoft Answers website. "In Windows Explorer, it isn't clickable in the least, neither right-click nor left click works, until you force restart windows explorer. That fixes it for a short time, until it gets stuck again…"

Fixing the matter

Although these issues haven’t been addressed in any of Microsoft’s recent updates, the company’s incoming Windows 10 20H1 update, which could launch in April, might finally fix the broken File Explorer experience.

As per Windows Latest, the update brings a variety of hotfixes to iron out the bugs plaguing File Explorer’s search bar. during a newly-released build of a subsequent major updates for Windows 10, Microsoft has also reinstated the power to delete the previous search leads to the Search bar – a standard complaint among Windows 10 users.

Beyond File Explorer updates, Microsoft’s first major Windows 10 update of 2020 also will give users more control over optional updates and convey with it an all-new Cortana experience with a text-based chat UI, the power to form your device password less, and therefore the choice to rename virtual desktops.

It will, naturally, also include a bunch of security updates, including a fix for a drag whereby ActiveX content fails to load and patches for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Although Microsoft is yet to announce a firm release date for the update, it’s expected to land within the primary fortnight of April.


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