Mobile Update: Galaxy Z Flip - Samsung next foldable phone - probably wont support 5G

Or could that just be within the US?

Mobile Update: Galaxy Z Flip - Samsung next foldable phone - probably wont support 5G

This could be the Galaxy Z Flip (Image credit: WinFuture)

It's heavily rumored that Samsung will introduce its second foldable phone within the next few weeks alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 series - but it's going to not accompany 5G on board.

We know this because the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - the present rumored name for one among the foldable phones the corporation has in development - recently had authentication from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

This is a United States government agency that regulates gadgets that use radio signals within the US, and therefore the listing thus far doesn't include a 5G band for the upcoming device.

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While which will mean the phone doesn't support 5G in the least, it might be that this is often only one variant of the phone that has been run through the FCC.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold came during a 5G version in some markets including the united kingdom and South Korea, but it had been never an option for those that sleep in the US. which will be repeated again here with the Galaxy Z Flip.

But albeit no version of the Galaxy Z Flip comes with 5G, some upcoming Samsung phones likely will.

Most notably, consistent leaks have suggested the Galaxy S20 series will all accompany versions that support the technology.

We're expecting both the Galaxy Z Flip and therefore the Galaxy S20 range to be announced on February 11, and we have seen some strong rumors that you're going to be ready to patronize least a number of the phones on March 6.


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