Mobile Update: OnePlus takes its Concept One phone on a World Tour across 10 cities

OnePlus Concept One coming to India on February 8

Mobile Update: OnePlus takes its Concept One phone on a World Tour across 10 cities

After unveiling its concept phone at CES 2020, OnePlus is taking its Concept One on a world tour across 10 cities. The highlight of the OnePlus' concept phone is it's 'disappearing camera' which hides the lenses on the rear until the camera app is opened.

Being an idea phone, it's highly unlikely that you're going to ever be ready to pip out and appear like OnePlus understands that. the corporation is taking the Concept One smartphone to cities in North America, Europe, and India, where interested folks can attend a special showcase to ascertain the concept of phone in-person.

OnePlus took to its Forum and announced that its kicking-off the planet tour of the Concept One smartphone from February 5. There are 10 events scheduled starting with Paris followed by Seattle, Cologne, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Amsterdam, Woking, Helsinki and concludes in Copenhagen on February 19.

Here's the entire schedule of the OnePlus Concept One World Tour.

The OnePlus Concept One uses a 1.3mm Electrochromic (EC) glass cover on the camera which turns opaque when the cameras aren't in use. an equivalent EC glass solution is employed by McLaren to form the sunroofs of their cars transparent.

When you open the camera app, a sign is skilled in the EC glass which makes it transparent, thus allowing you to require pictures. However, once you close the camera app, the lenses seemingly disappear and canopy turns opaque.

While we do not expect OnePlus to place the EC glass on the rear of this year's upcoming phones, it's surely a completely unique feature that sets the corporation aside from other OEMs.


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