Internet: Chrome was concealing another major zero-day flaw

Kaspersky analysis uncovers vulnerability with links to Lazarus cluster

Users of Google Chrome are warned to observe their security protection following the uncovering of a brand new zero-day within the standard browser.

Security researchers from Kaspersky have detected a brand new vulnerability that will hijack a user's browser to inject malware that would result in their entire system being placed in danger.

The attack targets users of the Korean-language version of Chrome, each in the Republic of Korea and overseas, doubtless departure various customers in danger.

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The attack used a waterhole-style exploit to inject malicious JavaScript code into the Chrome main page. This then uses an identification script to analyze the victim's system and user credentials to check if version sixty-five or later of Chrome is put in.

The researchers say that the attack, that it named Operation WizardOpium, bears a variety of similarities to the massively damaging Lazarus attacks that sweptback the world last year.

"The finding of a brand new Google Chrome zero-day within the wild all over again demonstrates that it's sole collaboration between the protection community and software system developers, similarly as constant investment in exploit bar technologies, which will keep America safe from unforeseen and hidden strikes by threat actors,” same Anton Ivanov, a security knowledgeable at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky says it's knowledgeable Google of its findings, and a patch has been free. the corporate is urging users to put in the patch as presently as doable and guarantee their security software system remains updated to the newest version.


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