Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser is out and ready for testing

Dev and Canary builds available for download

Back in February, Microsoft revealed that anyone would be able to test the company's upcoming Chromium-based Edge web browser without the need to be a Windows Insider.

As of today, the OS giant's highly-anticipated Chromium-based Edge browser is officially available to download and try out. You can pick up in-development Dev and Canary versions from the Microsoft Edge Insider website, with the app's Beta version listed as 'coming soon'.

  • Chromium-based Edge browser will likely support 4K Netflix
  • Text suggestions coming to Chromium-based Edge browser
  • These are some of the add-ons coming to Chromium Edge

At present, the Dev Channel version is the most stable option, with this early build updated weekly by the Microsoft Edge team. The Canary Channel build is updated daily, making it far less stable, though it does have the benefit of receiving new Edge features first.

Seeing that it's based on Chromium – the same back end as Google's Chrome – existing Chrome extensions are fully supported, and plans are also underway to let users sync across their favorites, browsing history and more from Google's browser, as reported by The Verge.

So far, the Dev and Canary builds of Edge are only available to Windows 10 users (64-bit), though you can ask the site to notify you when Windows 7, Windows 8 and macOS versions are released..


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