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Friday, October 19, 2018

Unannounced Misfit Vapor 2 revealed in full on the web store

With GPS, a heart rate monitor and more

The Misfit Vapor 2 hasn’t been announced yet, but it looks like the successor to the original Misfit Vapor could be coming very soon, as a couple of retailers already have it listed.

Most of the details come from Dutch retailer Coolblue, in a listing spotted by Reddit users, and they reveal that the Misfit Vapor 2 apparently has a 1.42-inch display and a 454 x 454 resolution

The case is said to be 46mm wide and 13mm thick, while the strap is 20mm. That would mean a larger screen in a slightly slimmer body than the original Misfit Vapor. However, there’s also a listing at Nordstrom for a version with a 390 x 390 screen, a 41mm width, and a 12mm thickness so the Misfit Vapor 2 might land in two sizes.

The listings also include pictures of the Vapor 2, so you can see that it looks similar to the original, but with a bigger crown and seemingly smaller bezels.

The Misfit Vapor 2 with a black silicone strap. Credit: Nordstrom

The Misfit Vapor 2 in brown from the side. Credit: Coolblue

And the Vapor 2 in brown from the back. Credit: Coolblue

A health and fitness upgrade

Features apparently include GPS and a heart rate monitor, which is no surprise since this watch is made by Fossil, and all its latest watches – such as the Fossil Q Explorist HR and Emporio Armani Connected (2018) – have those features. And, while not mentioned, it’s likely the Misfit Vapor 2 also has NFC, since that's another feature of recent Fossil watches.

Other things that are mentioned include a battery life of up to two days, and 5ATM water resistance, so you should be able to take your Misfit Vapor 2 swimming.

The Misfit Vapor 2 is priced at €230 (around $265 / £200 / AU$370) with a silicone band or €250 (roughly $290 / £220 / AU$405) with a metal one. That would make it slightly more expensive than the $199.99 / £185 / AU$279.59 Misfit Vapor, although the actual price won’t be an exact conversion.

The listings don’t give an exact release date, only saying the watch is 'coming soon’, but as it's now appeared on multiple stores we’d expect the details to be more or less accurate.

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