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Monday, October 1, 2018

Apple Watch gets a watchOS 5.0.1 update

If you're a fitness fanatic or your Apple Watch hasn't been charging, this watchOS 5.0.1 update is for you.

watchOS 5.0.1 update

Has your Apple Watch not been charging properly since installing watchOS 5.0? Has the fitness tracking not been right? The new watchOS 5.0.1 update might be the cure you are looking for.

The watchOS 5.0.1 update fixes the following:

Fixes an issue where some people see an increase in exercise minutes
Fixes an issue where some don't get Stand credit to close the fitness ring in the afternoon
Fixes an issue that could prevent the Apple Watch from charging
You can update the Apple Watch using the Watch app on your iPhone. In the app make sure you are in the My Watch tab and then tap on General > Software Update. The update is about 50MB so the download should be pretty quick.



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