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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Samsung launches IoT clothes dresser

Samsung Electronics has launched Air Dresser, an internet-connected dresser that catalogs clothes and their cleaning history.

Samsung Electronics has launched an internet-connected premium clothing care dresser, dubbed Air Dresser.

The closet-shaped dresser airs, steams, drys, and purifies clothing to rid garments of micro-dust and odors "completely", the South Korean tech giant said at a press event in Seoul. The dresser bursts air and steam from top and bottom and uses a filter that eradicates odors. It also offers a sterilization feature that kills viruses and germs.

Air Dresser also connects with SmartThings, Samsung's Internet of Things (IoT) platform, allowing users to choose the best cleaning course and manage inventory.

"Air Dresser represents our IoT leadership and commitment to change millennials' lifestyle," HS Kim, CEO of Samsung's Consumer Electronics Business, said at the event.

The company has also launched its My Closet service, which uses data collected from clothing brands to offer the best care method for individual products.

Users can scan the barcode on products from brands who have partnered with Samsung to find out what fabric the clothes are made of and how to best care for them. The company has partnered with six brands, including Galaxy, a suit brand, and 8seconds, a young clothing brand, as well as Beanpole.

My Closet also collects a list of the user's clothes, while a directory shows a cleaning method history for each item.

Samsung has previously said that all its electronics products will have smart features by 2020. It is connecting all its devices to Smart Things Hub, its IoT platform.

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