Friday, July 6, 2018

SK Telecom, Nvidia to team up for GPU cloud solutions in South Korea

SK Telecom and Nvidia will team up to launch a GPU cloud solution aimed at the South Korean market.

SK Telecom and Nvidia will team up to launch GPU cloud solutions in South Korea, the companies have announced.

The South Korean telco will launch its SKT Cloud for AI Learning, or SCALE, a private GPU cloud solution, within the year, it said.

The solution has been in development for the past two years and has been applied to its data centers.

Nvidia will provide technical support in AI for the solution.

The US GPU maker's South Korean distributor BayNex will also provide technical support, while cloud managing firm INSOFT will oversee sales and maintenance.

SK Telecom said AI solutions have been on the rise in finance, security, and factory automation as there were no solutions that helped manage GPU resources effectively.

The telco said its solution will virtualize multiple GPU resources and will help companies develop and manage AI-based services.

The company has been aggressive in adapting new technology to its services. In April, it announced it was adopting blockchain to its subscription and payments.

In February it bought a half stake in quantum-safe crypto firm IDQ for $65 million to beef up security in 5G.

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