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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Intel Core i7-8086K is its first CPU to hit 5GHz in turbo: It's giving away 8,086 free

Intel celebrates 40 years of x86 architecture CPUs with a giveaway of its special-edition Core i7-8086K CPU

To mark the 40-year anniversary of the Intel 8086 that powered the first IBM PC, Intel has announced the Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor, its first CPU that can hit 5GHz in turbo mode.

The limited edition chip is part of Intel's celebration of its 50th year as a company and the 40th year since it delivered the 8086 microprocessor.

It's a tweaked version of Intel's latest 8th Generation Core i7 processors aimed at gamers who want a higher-frequency chip for a better gaming experience.

According to Intel's specs, it has six cores, 12 threads, and a base frequency of 4GHz with a maximum turbo frequency of 5GHz.

Intel will give away 8,086 of the CPUs through the Intel 8086 Sweepstakes. Fans must enter between 5pm Pacific Time (PT) on June 7 and 5pm PT on June 8. It's open to residents of the US, Canada, Germany France, UK, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

Intel has allocated 2,086 to the US, 2,000 to China, 1,000 to Germany, and 500 for each the remaining eligible countries.

Intel hasn't revealed pricing but notes in the sweepstakes terms that the approximate retail value is $425.

After the sweepstakes, the Intel Core i7-8086K will be available for purchase at retailers on June 8, the actual 40th anniversary of the Intel 8086 processor. Intel hasn't said how many of the Core i7-8086K chips it has manufactured but notes that supplies are limited.

Intel also announced two new 8th generation Intel Core mobile chips, the Whiskey Lake U-series and Amber Lake Y-series.

These should start appearing in 2-in-1s and laptops this September. Intel says it's achieved double-digit performance gains in an apparent rebuttal to Arm's claim that it alone has been able to achieve double-digit gains between generations.

Intel will also launch a new X-series lineup and a new Core S-series processor later this year for desktops.

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