Saturday, May 26, 2018

WhatsApp's new bug allows blocked users to see profile, status and send messages

A fix is under development

After being puzzled by the ‘Black Dot’ message on WhatsApp, users are now reporting a new bug that lets blocked parties see your profile and send messages. Multiple users have reported that they are receiving messages from blocked numbers, and these blocked numbers have even accessed user’s profile, status and more.

The bug was first discovered by WABetaInfo who stated this on his Twitter feed that it could be a bug on the server-side. What’s also baffling is that blocked users being able to connect with people is a direct violation of the messaging platform’s ‘block’ feature. It was meant to keep people at bay but with this bug, they can now send texts and view profiles.

For users facing the issue, there’s no solution from the company yet. However, many users reported this on Twitter that unblocking the contact and re-blocking it will set the block to default, restricting blocked users once again.

WhatsApp has acknowledged the particular issue and has started working on a fix. However, there’s no specific time-frame given by the company yet for the fix. 

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