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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Oppo F7's new Limited Edition Cricket variant will be available starting May 14

The Diamond Black Limited Edition Oppo F7 with a cricketing twist.

The third highest selling Chinese smartphone maker in India, Oppo, will be bringing the Oppo F7 with a cricket-oriented twist to it on May 14 via Flipkart. The Oppo F7 is Oppo’s latest ‘selfie centric’ device that usually comes in Solar Red or Moonlight Silver.  

The Diamond Black version of the phone is a limited edition device that was launched earlier this year, which has now been re-branded to the Oppo F7 Diamond Black Cricket Limited Edition.

It’s not just about how the phone will look. The more exciting feature is that the smartphone will come with signatures of Oppo’s brand ambassadors, namely, Hardik Pandya, R. Ashwin and Rohit Sharma. 

The phone costs Rs 21,990 and the Cricket Limited Edition variants of the Oppo F7 will have a glass body design along with cricket case covers, unlike the usual transparent cover that comes with the conventional Oppo F7. 

To buy, or not to buy? That is the question.

The Oppo F7 is a decent smartphone in its own right but, it only has value for selfie centric users. Because Oppo does what’s its supposed to do, make users look beautiful in every image, from any angle. 

The phone performs well, just not spectacularly enough to justify the Rs 21,990 price tag. Nonetheless, the Cricket Limited Edition can be an enticing offering for cricket fans considering that the only major issue with the Oppo F7 is that its battery life falls a little short of 24 hours.

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