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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Samsung adds a fingerprint sensor to the 8-inch foundry

Samsung Electronics' contract chip-making business now offers six 8-inch wafer solutions, including a RF/IoT and fingerprint sensor, for its customers.

Samsung has added two new solutions to its 8-inch, or 200-millimeter wafer, foundry service, the company has announced.

RF/IoT and fingerprint sensor will be now available, along with the existing eFlash, power, the display driver IC (DDI) and CMOS image sensor offerings.

All 8-inch offerings will be processed at Line 6 at Giheung, South Korea.

eFlash will be offered at 130 nanometers (nm) and 65nm. Power chips will come in the same sizes. DDI will be offered in 180nm, 130nm, 90nm, and 70nm; while image sensors will be offered in 90nm.

RF/IoT will come in 90nm and fingerprint sensor 180nm.

Last year in May, Samsung made foundry a separate division, on par with its memory and logic businesses.

The division launched the 8-nanometer process for processors in October last year.

It will launch a 7-nanometer process this year and compete with TSMC, its Taiwanese rival, for customers such as Apple and Qualcomm.

Processors made through the 7-nanometer process will likely be deployed in new smartphones as early as the second half of the year.

Samsung's logic chip business is selling its ISOCELL brand of image sensors, including the recently launched Fast2L3, which powers the Galaxy S9's camera.

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