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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Apple Watch may finally get Spotify in June

And make use of StreamKit

It’s been a long time coming, but Spotify might soon get an official Apple Watch app, with the service said to debut at WWDC 2018 in June.

That’s according to an “unverified tipster” speaking to MacRumors, who claims to have personal involvement with the project.

It’s unknown what features the app will include but one likely inclusion is offline caching, which could allow you to sync playlists to your Apple Watch to listen to offline so you can listen to music from your watch without having to take your phone out with you. 

That's a feature that Apple Music already offers, but this would be the first third-party service to offer it on Apple Watch.

Stream it with StreamKit

One thing the source did say though is that the Spotify app will apparently support Apple’s StreamKit framework, which may launch as part of watchOS 5.

StreamKit (which might launch under a different name) is said to allow cellular models of the Apple Watch to receive push notifications from the likes of Facebook and Twitter without a paired iPhone.

This would bring the Apple Watch closer to the functionality of a phone and make it even more viable to go truly phone-free.

What’s not clear is how the Spotify app will make use of StreamKit. The framework shouldn’t be required to stream music without an iPhone, as the Apple Music app is already capable of that, but it might, for example, push new releases and updated playlists to your wrist, as well as any other notification you’d get in the main Spotify app.

If these rumors are right we should have the answers in early June, as WWDC 2018 kicks off on June 4.

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