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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition announced with coaching features for improved running performance

The Fitbit Ionic is a powerful activity tracker and fitness watch. The new special edition adds six on-screen workouts through the Adidas Train app.

Last year Fitbit and Adidas announced a partnership and today we see the fruits of that agreement with the upcoming Fitbit Ionic: Adidas Edition that will be available on 19 March 2018 for $329.95.

This new Adidas Edition Fitbit features a unique coaching experience through the Adidas Train app that includes six on-screen workouts. The Adidas Edition also has an exclusive two-toned breathable sports band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray with Silver Gray aluminum case, along with a custom Adidas-designed watch face inspired by the iconic race bib; available in four colors. These functions and this color band will not be available for the existing Fitbit Ionic.

The Adidas Train app provides step-by-step coaching to guide you through each series of movements to ensure you are doing it correctly. These workouts include:
  • Dynamic Warm Up to increase your core temperature and get your body ready to work (5 min.)
  • Power Pace to train your body to be more elastic, forceful, and efficient (10 min.)
  • Metabolic to increase your speed and boost your metabolism (15 min.)
  • Run Activation to improve your hip, core and shoulder stability (5 min.)
  • Strong Strides to build strength throughout your run (10 min.)
  • Post-Run Stretch to ensure proper recovery with a fast and easy cool-down stretch (5 min.)

While the Fitbit Ionic, see our full review, can't match the Apple Watch as a smartwatch it offers an advanced activity tracking and GPS sports watch experience. Given that fitness is one of the most used aspects of the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Ionic is a good alternative for those looking for something with a multi-day battery life and enhanced sleep tracking.

It has improved with updates and will continue to improve as developers continue to provide new apps and watch faces.

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