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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What's new in Node.js 8 and Node.js 9

Node.js 8 is tapped for long haul bolster, while Node.js 9 turns into the new current discharge line.

Node.js 8 is graduating to Long Term Support (LTS) discharge status, which is expected to imply a level of dependability for use in big business organizations. Going with this new assignment for Node.js 8 is the introduction of Node.js 9, with nonconcurrent asset following, as the "present" discharge line. 

Node.js 8 highlights 

With a LTS arrival of the well known server-side JavaScript runtime, the attention is on security and solidness. The LTS discharge is effectively kept up for year and a half. To start with presented by the Node.js Foundation in late-May, the Node.js 8.x line highlights: 

  • The Google V8 6.1 JavaScript motor.
  • The NPM 5.0.0 customer.
  • Better execution—20 percent superior to the past Node 6 LTS discharge in common web applications. 

Two different highlights—N-API, for local additional items, and HTTP/2—stay in a trial mode, still subject to code changes. The Node.js Foundation prescribes clients of Node.js 6 begin testing Node.js 8 and clients of Node.js 4 move up to Node.js 8. 

The new element of Node.js 9 

For Node.js 9, most changes fixate on the expostulation or expulsion of APIs and moving the code base to another blunder framework. The objective of the relocation is partner a novel code with mistakes tossed by the framework, permitting blunder messages to be changed without being considered as breaking changes. Different highlights in Node.js 9 include: 

An async snares module that gives an API to enrolling callbacks to track nonconcurrent assets inside an application. This component, which likewise has showed up in the Node.js 8.x line, is trial at this stage. 

The Google V8 6.2 JavaScript motor. 

Support for HTTP/2 and N-API, which are accessible for use without a summon line signal however are as yet trial. 

Where to download Node.js 

Download URLs for the most recent Node.js 8 discharge and 9.x are accessible from the Node.js site.

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