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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Viking Technology discloses world's greatest 50TB SSD

Awesome execution and gigantic limit can be yours - simply don't ask the cost!

Viking Technology has disclosed another Silo Solid State Drive with a record-breaking limit of 50TB SSD. 

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The Silo SSD, which is a piece of Viking Technology's Ultra High-Capacity (UHC) group of items, empowers noteworthy server farm space and power lessening contrasted with HDDs, while offering the same 3.5-inch frame factor and standard SAS interface, which facilitates the relocation to streak. 

On the off chance that 50TB appears to be excessively lavish, making it impossible to you, Viking Technology have a more unobtrusive 25TB advertising. 

The UHC-Silo SSDs have been particularly composed on account of vitality productivity, and offer sit out of gear control utilization under 10 watts and dynamic power use of just 16W, which extraordinarily expanding general stockpiling limit per rack while diminishing force per terabyte. 

As indicated by the producers, datacenters hoping to move to a fitting and-play UHC-Silo SSD can understand cost reserve funds in power, space, and cooling of up to 80 percent for each terabyte. 

"There is no higher limit SSD arrangement accessible today than the UHC-Silo SSD" said Hamid Shokrgozar, leader of Viking Technology. "These drives empower datacenter heads to effortlessly move to SSD execution, alongside a gigantic increment in limit. With space and cooling being basic drivers for todays datacenters, these preferences are a distinct advantage." 

When you think about that as a 1TB SSD retails for around $300, you're taking a gander at possibly finished $15,000 per drive. Strangely, no estimating points of interest have been discharged. 


  • 25 TB and 50 TB crude limits
  • Planar MLC NAND
  • Double port SAS 2.x consistent interface
  • 3.5-inch industry standard shape factor
  • Up to 60,000/15,000 IOps (4 KB) peruses/composes
  • Up to 500/350 MBps (256 KB) peruses/composes
  • 16W common power utilization

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