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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sugarlock video proofreader hands-on: Play, cut, and offer share activity camera footage in minutes

Activity cameras and automatons are well known for catching undertakings, however it's excruciating to sit before a PC for quite a long time and alter your recordings to impart to the world. Sugarlock makes this procedure fast, simple, and pleasant.

Do you fear sitting before a PC experiencing recordings to locate a couple of bits of activity to impart to family and companions? The Sugarlock is here to facilitate the torment and make altering fun. 

Activity cameras enhance every year (see my Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 audit) and some are even accessible for just $70 (see my current thought on the Aukey 4K sports activity camera). While we appreciate catching bicycle rides, climbs, undertakings in the snow, vessel trips, fly angling treks, and more on different activity cameras, altering is terrible. 

The new $99 Sugarlock Instant Video Editor was made to address this correct agony point and in the wake of testing one out for the most recent few weeks I am persuaded this is the approach. 

I could see a few clasps, removed all the dead broadcast appointment, and force together a clasp that demonstrated me getting two fish inside around 3 minutes. All with simply my cell phone, a 65-inch LCD TV, and the Sugarlock gadget. 

For millions, a Chromebook or iPad is consummately adequate as an essential PC. Video altering has dependably been one capacity that individuals indicated as a shortage for these sorts of figuring gadgets. A $99 Sugarlock gadget might be the ideal friend for these people who don't need an out and out Windows PC or Apple PC. 

Equipment AND SETUP 

The Sugarlock is a little gadget around 4 x 3.5 x 1 creeps in measure with dark packaging and blue Sugarlock marking. On the front you will discover an ethernet port, microUSB port, and microSD card space. On the back is the separable Wi-Fi recieving wire, reset catch, Wi-Fi setup catch, microUSB port for the power association, and full size HDMI port (a HDMI link is incorporated into the bundle). 

Basically connect to the HDMI link to your TV, connect to the power link (incorporated into the bundle as well), and embed a microSD card from your activity camera. Introduce the Sugarlock application on your iOS or Android gadget and dispatch it. Interface the Wi-Fi on your cell phone to the Sugarlock gadget that is discovered locally in your Wi-Fi settings. A Wi-Fi Direct association is utilized to interface your cell phone to the Sugarlock gadget. 


Once the Wi-Fi association is made and after you dispatch the application, a show will show up on your cell phone in scene (ought to show up in this introduction naturally) with four symbols on each side of an expansive purple box. The vast purple box is really the touch remote control for the Sugarlock and the show on your TV. We should bounce over to the TV interface for a moment. 

On your TV you will see thumbnails along the left side and top. The left side contains recordings from that day and afterward moving to the correct advances you to various days. When you select a thumbnail, the video will begin playing on the fundamental show. 

Over to the correct you will see the video subtle elements (name, organization, and length) and beneath that some different points of interest of the experience (Wi-Fi association, cell phone you are controlling Sugarlock with, the video source, and free space on the video source). 

Tap on your cell phone to enter the full screen seeing method of the video and after that you can perform alters to the video or control the review understanding. 

Back on the cell phone application you will locate the back, catch thumbnail, switch, and settings symbols on the left side. Catching a thumbnail will enable you to dole out a thumbnail to the chose video so when you backpedal to the primary route board on your TV you can perceive what the video contains as opposed to a clear box. Settings is the place you can deal with your association. 

On the correct side you will locate the cut, share video, snap and offer photograph, and erase catches. Snap share still photographs from the video in the event that you fancy, yet then how about we get to the video cutting. 

Tap on the enormous purple box to play or respite the video. To alter, you should first respite the video toward the start of where you need to make the main cut. Tap the cut catch, move the slice line to one side of your first cut, and tap the slice catch again to make your second cut. Continue making the same number of cuts as you need along the video course of events. 

Presently move the play stop pointer between the cut lines where you need content expelled and swipe down on your cell phone show. Notice that the video course of events now changes to a pack of vertical lines instead of the strong line. Move around the course of events and cut between cut lines, or to one side of the first and right of the last, to remove the segments of the video you need expelled. 

In conclusion, press the offer video catch to render the new video from your cut form. After it is rendered and aced, you can share it to informal organizations or spare it to your telephone's stockpiling. 


I officially altered my fly angling photographs for my Aukey 4K audit utilizing the old Windows Movie Maker programming on my Surface Pro 4. I could have done likewise in minutes on the Sugarlock and may soon lift one up for myself. 

Given that fly angling is around 95 percent throwing and remaining with 5 percent getting fish, I welcome the capacity to make various cuts all through the video so I can make a video that makes it resemble everything I do when I burn through three to five hours on the stream is get angle. (Simply don't remind my family that the video is just 15 minutes in length and I was away for a considerable length of time.) 

Perusing through your video library and looking through your video content is extremely quick on the Sugarlock gadget. It is speedy and simple to cut areas of your video with a couple of finger developments. It takes a couple of minutes to "ace" the video and download it with the goal that you can share it or spare to your cell phone for later survey or altering. 

Notwithstanding altering however, I delighted in the straightforward review encounter given by the Sugarlock. My family delighted in watching my caught footage on the waterway since none of my young ladies fly fish and it was simple for me to rapidly swipe through exhausting parts of my throwing. 

The full screen seeing on an expansive top quality TV was a superior affair than altering and sharing to Facebook or YouTube where they would then view the video on a cell phone. The cool thing is that you can bring the Sugarlock with you and companions can fly in their activity camera footage so you can host a survey gathering after an enterprise. 


The Sugarlock gadget makes cutting recordings and sharing them rapidly and effortlessly, and for some individuals catching activity camera footage, getting the substance out for family and companions is the most critical capacity. A few people get a kick out of the chance to accomplish more with their recordings, yet the Sugarlock is not by any stretch of the imagination intended for experts. 

Here are the constraints I saw with the Sugarlock: 

  • footage can't be moved around inside the altering capacity so everything must be in grouping
  • You can't graft in numerous recordings to make one long video
  • There are no apparatuses for adding titles or livelinesss to your video 

Indeed, even with these constraints however, you could in any case utilize the Sugarlock for rapidly gathering the best sections and afterward sparing them to your cell phone. Take those key clasps and afterward alter them as you covet in an all out proofreader on your PC. The Sugarlock will in any case spare you time removing the substance you don't need and might be justified, despite all the trouble for experts also. 

The Sugarlock is accessible now for $99 and I intend to lift one up and spare myself a huge amount of time altering my activity camera footage.

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