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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nokia FIT: Ring-shape Wearable Phone Concept

Nokia FIT. Hands Free is an innovative concept phone designed by Issam Trabelsi.

As a new version of hand free device, it just fits on a finger. Crafted from soft silicone and flexible rubber, the phone is waterproof and has basic functions of talking. Notifications (like incoming phone calls or unread text message) will be relayed through vibrations.

Nokia FIT: Ring-shape Wearable Phone Concept 

The entire plan can be separated into three sections: 

  • section 1 – green catch range where speaker and the call usual meaning switch finds 

  • section 2 – red catch range where amplifier and call wipe out switch finds 

  • section 3 – warning territory which has the missed calls and new messages LED pointers; the vibration component is likewise incorporated here. 

As other hand free gadget, Nokia FIT. works by means of Bluetooth. However, its finger wearable plan will abstain from presenting ears to the constant Bluetooth radiations and decreases the inordinate utilization of the hand-telephone gadgets. Additionally, its lightweight, waterproof and nonslip components make it an each time sidekick, even in swimming pool. 

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