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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet review: Budget tablet gets a boost with Alexa

This eight-inch tablet keeps on offering awesome esteem, inasmuch as you're willing to grasp Amazon's reality.

It's not really a mystery that with regards to gadgets, Amazon's system is to create down to earth yet alluring equipment that can, thusly, make clients for different parts of its realm - be that video and music gushing, books, or shopping. 

Only which of those administrations a specific gadget is associated with relies upon the equipment: with the Echo, it's principally music spilling that Amazon is trusting you will purchase (with some shopping as an afterthought), while with the Fire TV Stick it's video, and with the Dash catches it's shopping. 

Think about this as Amazon's more processor-concentrated adaptation of the 'give them the razor, offer them the sharp edges' plan of action. Furthermore, it's one that is by all accounts working quite well for the internet business monster up until now. 

That same technique is grinding away with the Fire HD 8, the most recent emphasis of Amazon's eight-inch tablet. The Fire HD 8 is outlined altogether to consume content, and most likely Amazon trusts you'll be influenced to pick one of its administrations for your orgy watching sessions. 

The Fire HD 8 is accessible in Black, Canary Yellow, Marine Blue and Punch Red. 

It's a strong bit of equipment that weighs 369g; our audit display arrived in a somewhat diverting 'punch red' shading (different shades are accessible) and the screen is encompassed by a moderately huge bezel. The greater part of the controls are on the highest point of the gadget in the event that you expect it's utilized as a part of picture mode, which appears somewhat odd: in any case, this tablet is fundamentally intended to be utilized as a part of scene mode for watching video, so the situating of the controls bodes well. 

The touchscreen is sufficient, despite the fact that I discovered it excessively intelligent and inclined, making it impossible to grabbing dust and fingerprints. I likewise needed to support the brilliance up to close max to receive the best in return, yet I loved the delightful way for the most part responsive it was. 

Obviously, the Fire HD 8 is making careful effort to grandstand Amazon's administrations, by means of an arrangement of default homescreens for various Amazon items, including books, recordings, diversions, shop, applications, music, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Obviously you can in any case surf the web, and download applications: the Fire HD 8 runs Amazon's fork of Android, Fire OS, and has its own application store. The last has the vast majority of the huge applications you'd expect, however does not have the expansiveness of Google Play or the Apple application store. 

The option of Amazon's Alexa individual right hand with this form of the tablet includes a touch of curiosity, however not a colossal sum more. Regardless you'll need to push a catch on the tablet's screen to initiate the administration - not at all like with the Echo, which you can basically cry at from over the room. 

Since you as of now have the tablet in your grasp and you're taking a gander at the screen, utilizing Alexa appears like pointless excess. Positively, subsequent to utilizing it a couple of times I generally backpedaled to tapping and swiping rather, in spite of the fact that others may have an alternate ordeal. Having Alexa installed means you can utilize the tablet to control different gadgets around the house, which might be helpful. 

With this tablet, much rotates around the cost. At £79.99 with 16GB of capacity, or £99.99 with 32GB, the Fire HD 8 is alluringly evaluated for a tablet that capacities well and has a good screen. Be that as it may, such reasonableness definitely implies a few bargains. For instance, it takes six - yes six - hours to charge the battery to greatest, and both front and back cameras are weak (in spite of the fact that it's conceivable that few will ever utilize them). 

Tablet specialties 

Tablets have sunk into a generally agreeable specialty as gadgets for devouring video, joined maybe with a touch of light web surfing or gaming. Much else saddling than that and you'll likely change to your portable workstation; for a fast inquiry, it's less demanding to uncover a cell phone from underneath your pocket as opposed to chase around for a tablet. 

A year ago I got one of the seven-inch Fire HD tablets when it was at a bargain at £30 - about as near a dispensable bit of equipment as it's conceivable to get. It now invests the greater part of its energy sitting in a drawer: I discovered it excessively little to watch video on serenely, and I escaped the propensity for charging it, so that in the event that I at any point wanted to utilize it, the battery was level. 

Of course, it was a deal, however not one I've made much utilization of. The eight-inch form would likely maintain a strategic distance from a similar destiny on account of its greater, better-quality screen. 

It's anything but difficult to bring up the value contrast between the Fire HD 8 and something like the iPad small scale 4 (£80 versus £419), however truly these are gadgets in various classifications. I don't think anybody will be utilizing a Fire HD 8 to do chip away at, for instance, in spite of the fact that it comes with instruments like timetable, email, contacts, and the capacity to open archives. Amazon's items are, basically, down to earth devices that enable you to get to its administrations. 

The Fire HD 8, similar to Amazon's different gadgets, is truly best comprehended as an entrance to a specific arrangement of administrations, more like an IoT associated screen than a broadly useful PC. 

In the event that you utilize at least one of Amazon's administrations that is a major advantage; else you may discover this tablet a bit of constraining. In any case, regardless of the possibility that you just utilize it for a touch of web surfing, it's difficult to contend with the sticker price. 

Amazon Fire HD 8 specs 


8-inch IPS, 1280 x 800 determination at 189ppi 


214mm x 128mm x 9.7mm 



CPU and RAM 

1.3GHz quad-center with 1.5GB of RAM 


16 GB (11.1GB accessible to client) or 32 GB (25.3GB accessible to client) of interior stockpiling, MicroSD bolster for up to 256GB of extra stockpiling 

Battery life 

Up to 12 hours of perusing, surfing the web, watching video, and tuning in to music 

Charge time 

"Completely charges in less than 6 hours" 


Double band wi-fi. Backings open and private wi-fi systems or hotspots that utilization the double band 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n standard with help for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security utilizing secret key confirmation 


USB 2.0 (miniaturized scale B connector), MicroSD space for outside capacity, 3.5 mm stereo jack 


Accelerometer, gyrator, surrounding light sensor 


VGA forward looking camera and two-megapixel raise confronting camera

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