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Friday, May 5, 2017

Sony HT-MT300 Soundbar

A reasonable, reduced section level soundbar that sounds awesome.


The Sony HT-MT300 is the ideal soundbar for those hoping to overhaul their music and motion picture involvement significantly. The soundbar framework accompanies a remote sub that punches hard and the soundbar itself is to a great degree minimized. Audiophiles and cinephiles ought to look somewhere else (like Samsung's HW-MS650) yet for the normal lover, the Sony HT-M300 is a strong decision. 

Easy to setup and use, Well adjusted sound, Compact shape consider

Limit sound stage, Virtual "encompass sound”, No HDMI ARC

It appears to be just about each organization is turning out with a soundbar nowadays and it can be hard to pick the correct one. You need to consider how much space you have, what highlights you require and on the off chance that you anticipate growing the framework with a subwoofer or encompass speakers later on. 

A great many people simply need a soundbar that works and sounds extraordinary and the organization's entrance level HT-MT300 soundbar does only that. For $300 (£250, about AU$434), you get a conservative soundbar that will fit pretty much any home theater and a remote sub that you can put under your couch to truly feel the bass. 

So, it's up against firm rivalry like the Q Acoustics M3 soundbar, the LG SH7B and the phenomenal Samsung HW-MS650 . It won't not be the best soundbar in that group but rather, subsequent to going through seven days with the Sony HT-MT300, we left inspired with the balanced bundle Sony made. 


The Sony HT-MT300 soundbar comes in two sections: There's a minimal soundbar that measures 50 x 5.4 x 10.3cm (W x H x D) and a thin subwoofer that you can sneak by your love seat to feel each punch and blast. 

The subwoofer measures in at 9.3 x 38.3 x 36.8cm (W x H x D), which ought to fit under most lounge chairs yet in the event that it doesn't, you can put the sub by your amusement framework standing upright.

The HT-MT300 comes in either dark or white which helps it mix into your diversion focal point of decision. Since the soundbar is so conservative, it can fit pretty much anyplace, however you can't divider mount it, tragically. The sub is done in a matte-dark complete with piano dark trim around the bass port. 

On top of the soundbar you'll discover capacitive touch catches for controlling volume, choosing your information, changing to Bluetooth and power. A progression of LEDs let you know precisely what information is chosen and if the music or motion picture EQs are dynamic. 

While not as appealing looking as the Q Acoustics M3, the harmless looking Sony HT-MT300 makes a decent showing with regards to of mixing out of spotlight. 


Setup is dead straightforward, on account of the optical association. Basically locate the optical port on your TV and associate the HT-MT300 to your TV through the provided optical link. Connect to the subwoofer and soundbar, turn on the soundbar and match the two up with a touch of a catch. From that point onward, you should simply set your TV to utilize the soundbar rather than its implicit speakers.

While the optical association makes it a moderately torment free involvement to setup, it's a disgrace Sony selected exclude a HDMI ARC association that permits correspondence forward and backward from sound hardware. This implies the HT-MT300 won't turn itself on or off and can't be controlled with your TV's remote. 

For most clients, this won't be an issue since the provided remote control is really fabulous, not at all like contenders who supply their soundbars with card-style remotes with soft catches, yet it's something worth considering, particularly since optical has its restrictions for which encompass sound configurations work.

On the off chance that you need to stream music from your telephone or tablet to the Sony HT-MT300, you can utilize the Bluetooth association. There's additionally NFC included so blending with an Android telephone is as simple as putting your telephone on top of the soundbar and consenting to combine. On the charge side, there's no Wi-Fi or Google Cast here, however you can get these elements – and Hi-Res Audio bolster – in the HT-MT300's more costly more established sibling, the Sony HT-MT500. 


The Sony HT-MT300 soundbar punches well over its weight with both motion pictures and music – particularly when watching films with activity scenes and even at respectably low levels. With the subwoofer swung up to 75%, the HT-MT300 figured out how to shake our front room amid the rocket dispatch in Interstellar.

Activity scenes in Specter were more immersive because of the sub's capacity to shake the low-end, and the framework gets boisterous and plays for the most part without bending. Albeit, simply know that the subwoofer will bring about rattles and hums if there's free questions around your excitement focus in case you're tuning in to bass-overwhelming music or blast loaded motion picture scenes. 

Talking about, music additionally sounds great originating from the Sony HT-MT300, however we longed for a more extensive and more immersive sound stage. The two woofers in the soundbar are very near each other so material science is conflicting with the soundbar with regards to stereo detachment. 

Is the bass excessively light for your enjoying? With effectively tunable subwoofer levels by means of the remote, it's anything but difficult to change the speaker's adjust to your particular tastes. There are likewise EQ improvements for Movies and Music that you can flip on the remote – a convenient element on the off chance that you recognize what you're doing. 

Shockingly, however, it's difficult to overlook the tight soundstage when it raises its appalling head in motion pictures – we needed to get more stereo partition and the S-Force Pro virtual encompass sound is only a contrivance. 

Sony's HT-MT300 isn't the main guilty party of a 2.1 soundbar asserting to do encompass sound, however at any rate different soundbars like the Sonos Playbar make a superior showing with regards to of faking it. At last, the Sony HT-MT300 simply didn't be able to mimic back encompass channels, making the framework seem like a decent stereo setup however most likely not something you'd introduce set up of a 5.1 framework. 

There's nothing amiss with that, particularly at this cost, however don't hope to hear projectiles whirling around your head or anything near taking after Dolby Atmos. 

How can it contrast with the opposition? Well it destroys the LG SH7B as far as sound. The LG sounds compacted and stressed contrasted with the Sony. The Q Acoustics M3 equals the sound nature of the Sony yet needs bass effect. For our cash, the Sony HT-MT300 is the victor in both cases. 


There's a great deal to like about the Sony HT-MT300. It conservative frame consider implies it'll fit pretty much anyplace and its remote sub gives you a chance to put it under the sofa for included bass impact. The soundbar sounds incredible with both films and music, yet falls all over with regards to virtual encompass sound. At the cost, you get an awesome sounding, passage level soundbar that fits pretty much anyplace and is anything but difficult to utilize and setup. For most, the Sony HT-MT300 is a champ, keeping it straightforward and focusing on the things that matter: sound and usability.

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