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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Violin Memory procured by Soro's Quantum Partners

Violin Memory, a pioneer on the whole glimmer clusters (AFA) that fell on harsh circumstances after their IPO, declared today that they have been procured by Quantum Partners LP, a private speculation support overseen by Soros Fund Management LLC. 

Soros obtained Violin's advantages in a chapter 11 closeout, trading $26 million in unsecured obligation for $15 million in value in the redesigned organization. 


Violin took the hard street to building an AFA. They concentrated on an equipment arrangement that, in my judgment, was an imaginative stage. In TPC-C benchmarks the Violin cluster offered low and steady dormancy (see The SSD compose precipice, in actuality, on StorageMojo). 

In our current reality where each 3U AFA offers a half million IOPS or more, the way to most extreme execution is inactivity, not IOPS. In any case, outlining equipment isn't the quickest way to advertise. 

Other AFA sellers concentrated on utilizing ware SSDs with double RAID controllers and a lot of programming elements that clients anticipated from their current circle based exhibits. Since those controllers couldn't see when the SSDs would choose to perform junk gathering and different capacities, those clusters had higher and substantially more factor inertness. 

Be that as it may, the IOPS wowed clients, the exhibit highlights fit with their current administration forms, and the idleness issues didn't go to the fore until some other time. Presently most AFA sellers are moving far from standard SSDs to their own particular equipment streak cutting edges, like what Violin did five years back. 

At times advancement can be excessively of something to be thankful for. It will enthusiasm to check whether the Soros capital infusion will reinvigorate this early AFA pioneer. 

Polite remarks welcome, obviously. I've been a fanatic of the Violin design since I was first presented to it eight years back. From that point forward I've done work for Violin. Main concern: I'm one-sided and am happy to see that their IP is getting another shot.

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