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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Still no timetable for RAW allotment bug fix in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A month back, Microsoft guaranteed a fix "soon," however it hasn't shown up yet.

Among Windows 10 Anniversary Update's more disagreeable bugs is one that wrongly reports certain drives (really, parcels) are in RAW arrangement and can't be gotten to from inside Win10.

At the point when Win10 experiences a RAW-designed parcel, it urges you to organize the segment, in this manner wiping out every one of the information on it. Obviously, if the awful parcel contains superbly usable documents - to be sure, by and large, it incorporates records that are promptly available in Windows 10 Fall Update - you may get suckered in, reformat the allotment, and lose the greater part of your information.

I discussed this, uh, highlight of Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Aug. 4, two days after the Anniversary Update/variant 1607/form 14393 hit. It's one of the fundamental reasons why introducing Anniversary Update is an especially poor decision.

On Aug. 16, two weeks after the bug was unleashed, Microsoft representative maheshrd expressed on Reddit:
We are effectively building and testing an upgrade to settle this issue into Windows. We'll convey the overhaul by means of Windows Update when that procedure is done, reestablishing access to your documents on the influenced drives. In the greater part of the cases that we have analyzed, documents were securely in place on the drives – so kindly, don't reformat. You can likewise get to your documents by interfacing the influenced drive to an alternate machine (not running Anniversary Update), if possible for you. In the event that sitting tight for a redesign is impossible, then moving back will likewise reestablish access to your documents. For up to 10 days in the wake of introducing the Anniversary Update, you can "do a reversal" or come back to the past form. To uninstall the Anniversary Update: 1. Open the Settings application. 2. Select Update and security and after that the Recovery tab. 3. Under "Retreat to a prior form", tap the Get started catch and take after the directions.

(Note: If over 10 days have passed since introducing the Anniversary Update or the "About-face" choice is generally not accessible; we request your understanding until a patch can be discharged)

A Reddit post prior today from maheshrd suggests that the issue still hasn't been settled in today's aggregate overhaul for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
People, we are as yet working through every one of the issues reported. Trust me, the group is buckling down in getting the fix out to everybody's machines. I ask for your proceeded with tolerance amid this time and much obliged for your assistance and backing.

Confusingly, Microsoft representative and gathering mediator Sharath Srinivasa posted this arrangement of activity the Microsoft Answers discussion, dated Sep. 8:
Microsoft is wanting to discharge a fix to address most of the misidentified parcels in a forthcoming Windows Update.

As a feature of the Windows Insider Program, clients can join to get Windows 10 upgrades right on time to give input. In the event that you are keen on turning into a Windows Insider, first go to the Windows Insider site and enroll your Microsoft Account. At that point in Windows 10, open Settings, Update and Security and snap on Windows Insider Program. You will be requested that partner your Microsoft Account. You can then tap the Get Start catch. You might be approached to reboot your PC for the change to produce results.

The default setting in the wake of joining the Windows Insider Program is to get early access to upgrades for Windows 10, Microsoft applications and drivers with negligible danger to your gadget. It can take a day or more for the change to start conveying these quickened upgrades.

On the off chance that you take after Srinivasa's directions to the letter, you wind up in the Release Preview Ring, which is the place Microsoft sends you fixes for the Anniversary Update before they're discharged to the world on the loose. Be that as it may, there hasn't been a Release Preview Ring discharge since Sep. 8. Truth be told, there hasn't been a Release Preview Ring discharge for 1607 in numerous weeks.

I have no clue what's going on. Maybe somebody at Microsoft can edify us. At any rate, until Microsoft fixes this and a modest bunch of extra bugs in Win10 Anniversary Update, I firmly prescribe that you square it.

Mary Jo Foley posted an article in ZDNet at the beginning of today that says the Anniversary Update rollout may not be done until November. Maybe Microsoft will get the significant bugs in Anniversary Update altered by then.


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