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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Microsoft at long last fixes Surface Pro 3 battery troubles

Introductory reports about the Simplo battery firmware upgrade are certain, yet why did it take Microsoft so long?

Recently evening Microsoft discharged a firmware upgrade for all Surface Pro 3s. The expressed goal of the redesign is to alter the battery issues that have tormented the tablet for a long time - an issue so cumbersome it started a class-activity test.

With over 12 hours experience under our belts, it would appear that the firmware patch takes care of the issue. Microsoft's Surface bolster notoriety will take more time to repair.

The side effects initially seemed not long ago on numerous tablets. The most careful early report originated from Kridsada Thanbulpong, posting on May 11 on the Microsoft Answers gathering:
I've been utilizing Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for a year, and not long after the guarantee lapsed I saw my Surface Pro 3 can just last around 1-2 hours after a full charge… Talk with Microsoft by means of visit backing and they demand this was a product issue and reinstalled the driver and requesting that I hold up few days to check whether things progress. It didn't enhanced, as well as now my Surface can just most recent 30 minutes.

Kridsada's underlying post has had almost 1,200 reactions and is 117 pages in length.
There was an underlying report on the battery channel issue in the Microsoft Answers gathering from Charles McKay on March 16, yet that connection now makes plans to Kridsada's post.

Microsoft affirmed the battery issue on July 27:
We trust this is something that can be tended to by means of programming and are working through the points of interest of how we convey that

It's taken over a month since that affirmation, yet we at last have what seems, by all accounts, to be an answer. Surprisingly, there's a FAQ that clarifies the reason for the issue and in addition its answer:
  1. An awful driver mistakenly reports the battery's charge status

  2. With awful charge status data, the Surface Pro 3 doesn't energize legitimately

  3. The new driver effectively report the battery's charge status

  4. Battery charge levels ought to "self-right" throughout the following five charge/release cycles

In the event that this investigation is right, charge levels ought to about-face to typical in short request - this has been affirmed by the individuals who have introduced the firmware patch - and there ought to be no perpetual harm to the battery.

The FAQ records a progression of ventures to take to legitimately apply the firmware/driver patch. For those with genuinely dead batteries, there are additional progressions to get the stream streaming.

Microsoft additionally recognizes that it charged individuals to settle the defective battery, and is putting forth discounts:
We're as of now attempting to assemble extra insights about which clients were influenced. On the off chance that we find that your gadget was one that could have been settled, we'll connect with you inside 30 days with more data. We're focused on ensuring that individuals who encountered this issue are dealt with.

Three clear inquiries emerge from this circumstance:
  • Which firmware patch brought on the issue? There were firmware reports on Jan. 19, April 19, and July 21, however their discharge notes make no notice of batteries. Are the discharge takes note of that terrible - or is something else gumming up the works?
  • Why did it take so long? Introductory report showed up on March 16, an authoritative depiction on May 11, Microsoft's mea culpa on July 17, however the patch didn't take off until Aug. 29. Clearly a straightforward change to the battery driver, which just applies to Simplo brand batteries, couldn't take that long.
  • Why were clients left contorting in the wind? I've seen many reports of individuals who were charged several dollars to settle an issue that was outstanding to the Surface group. That never should've happened.

Surface clients merited better from a billion-dollar business.


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