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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

10 things we tend to love regarding the new Firefox browser

Mozilla took its vanishing market share to heart and fought back with one among the foremost notably improved product in recent memory

1.Loving Firefox

Remember after you ditched Firefox for Chrome and pinkie-swore you’d ne'er go back? yea, me too. however recently I required to check one among our Web-based apps in Firefox, so, with some self-doubt, I took the plunge and put in it. Turns out, the nice of us at Mozilla took their vanishing market share to heart and fought back with one among the foremost notably improved product I actually have seen in recent memory. Here area unit ten things we tend to love regarding Firefox. (Read the complete story.)

2.User interface

I opened the browser, and saw a lean, minimalist programme with cool, grey icons on the toolbar.

3.Improved performance

Mozilla claims that Firefox is currently the quickest of the highest 3 browsers.

4.Customizable menu and toolbar

The new Firefox provides a transparent, concise, straightforward thanks to customise your menu and toolbar.

5.Streamlined ‘reading’ read

This is associate degree choice to read a efficient version of the net page you're on, eliminating videos, ads, and background pictures. The reading read permits you to induce straight to the guts of the content, with no frills or distractions. i actually appreciate the clean format for doing analysis and reading news, particularly once traveling and desirous to conserve information measure.

6.Settings manager that would simply set a brand new customary

In the new Firefox, the settings manager could be a breeze to use.


Firefox boasts wonderful browsing privacy. Browsers like Chrome and i.e. area unit quite invasive, and get to manage, or a minimum of stealthily observe, the maximum amount of your on-line life as potential. Firefox takes a refreshing approach to internet privacy. It really seeks to guard it. several of the privacy settings area unit a part of the personal browsing feature. With personal browsing enabled, Firefox operates in concealing mode, wherever no data, like cookies, passwords, files, browsing history etc., is saved to the user’s pc.

8.Tracking protection

How typically have you ever created a probe on Amazon, solely to envision ads for the terribly product you looked for seem on websites afterwards? pursuit protection prevents this from occurring. you'll be able to primarily keep privately browsing mode by sanctioning the "do not track history" setting.


There area unit variety of security add-ons for Firefox; one provides the choice to permit browser scripts like Java and JavaScript to run solely from sure sites to forestall cross-site scripting and alternative script-related attacks.


Mozilla offers on-line support with fast solutions to common problems like the way to optimize Firefox to figure with specific sites, like Facebook and YouTube, or the way to run a Firefox Health Report, that provides data regarding your browser’s performance and stability over time.

11.64-bit design

Another notable improvement is that the move to 64-bit design, that Mozilla extended late in 2015. though several older add-ons aren’t compatible with the new 64-bit version, the improved performance and fault tolerance way outweigh this minor inconvenience.



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