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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Strange Windows 10 form 1511 patch KB 3122947 neglects to introduce

For most machines, there's a simple fix - yet we're up to nine patches in three weeks

Late Friday, Dec. 4, Microsoft discharged its most recent redesign for Windows 10 variant 1511, an odd patch called KB 3122947. In the event that you aren't effectively blocking constrained overhauls in Windows 10 and your machine could get KB 3122947 to introduce, you will find that your winver (in the Cortana pursuit box, sort "winver" and press Enter) comes up at 10586.17. Lamentably, numerous individuals are seeing warnings that KB 3122947 neglected to introduce with blunder 0x80070643.

Not everybody will see KB 3122947. For instance, if your machine hasn't yet moved up to the Fall Update/Threshold 2/adaptation 1511 patch level, for reasons unknown, this KB doesn't appear.

Luckily, for the vast majority of the individuals who experience an inability to introduce mistake 0x80070643, the arrangement's moderately simple:

Step 1. Ensure the establishment record is on your framework. Begin File Manager (tap the symbol on your taskbar that resembles a record organizer). You have to advise File Manager to show concealed records (View tab, check Show Hidden Files), then explore to


You ought to have a document named either or

In the event that you don't have both of those records, Windows didn't download the redesign. Attempt the arrangements specified in this Tenforums string.

Step 2. Make sense of in the event that you have a 32-or 64-bit framework. On the off chance that you don't know officially, right-snap Start and pick System. The System sort passage will let you know.

Step 3. Right-tap on Start, pick Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 4A. In the event that you have a 32-bit framework, duplicate and glue this line into the charge provoke, and press Enter:


Step 4B. On the off chance that you have a 64-bit framework, duplicate and glue this line into the summon incite, and press Enter:


Step 5. Windows 10 variant 1511 introduces the patch. Reboot, and you're set.

I call KB 3122947 an odd/puzzling patch for a few reasons.

To begin with, the depiction for KB 3122947 is basically indistinguishable to the dialect that used to be in the portrayal for KB 3120677, the third aggregate redesign for adaptation 1511, discharged on Nov 24. The prior KB 3120677 article has been adjusted since it was initially posted, taking out the content you can now find in KB 3122947:
After a move up to Windows 10 Version 1511 from a prior adaptation of Windows 10, a little number of clients may have had their settings for Advertising ID, Background Apps, SmartScreen Filter, and Sync with Devices inaccurately set to the framework defaults.

For more data about this issue, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 3121244.

On the off chance that you go to KB 3121244, it affirms that it used to be connected to KB 3120677 - the patch that no more specifies KB 3121244. The KB article says:

As of late we learned of an issue that could have affected a to a great degree little number of individuals who had as of now introduced Windows 10 and connected the November upgrade (Version 1511). At the point when the November redesign was introduced, a couple of settings inclinations may have accidentally not been held for publicizing ID, Background applications, SmartScreen Filter, and Sync with gadgets. This issue has been altered in the overhaul that goes with KB3120677.

Clearly the changed out security settings have been altered in this new redesign, KB 3122947. Whether it's additionally altered by the more seasoned redesign, KB 3120677, is impossible to say.

I'm willing to wager that Microsoft is playing quick and free with the patches and hasn't yet changed its documentation to conceal the sleight-of-hand. You may have a superior clarification; provided that this is true, hit me in the remarks.

Another peculiarity: As of this written work, KB 3122947 isn't accessible in the Microsoft Update Catalog. It would seem that you can just get it by utilizing Windows Update.

One more peculiarity: The variant numbers don't line up. When you introduce Win10 adaptation 1511 Cumulative Update 4, KB 3116908, the winver rendition numbers shows up as 10586.17. On the off chance that you then introduce this patch, KB 3122947, the winver adaptation number stays at 10586.17.

Then again, the KB 3122947 article itself says the overhaul documents are stamped as 10.0.10586.26. I have no clue why rendition number 10586.26 doesn't show up in the winver box.

It isn't at all reasonable if getting the chance to construct 10586.17 will take care of the security setting issues or not. As a side effect of this sleight-of-hand, we've experienced a circumstance where variant 1511 form numbers won't let you know whether you have the most recent rendition introduced or not.

As of right now, here's my rundown of Windows 10 adaptation 1511 patches:

Form 1511 (OS Build 10586), discharged Nov. 12, is the first form 1511 - the one that raised the old RTM construct 10240 variant of Win10 to the November Update/Threshold 2 level.

     Aggregate Update 1, KB 3105211, brings the develop number to 10586.3

     Aggregate Update 2, KB 3118754, Nov. 18, goes to construct 10586.11

     Aggregate Update 3, KB 3120677, Nov. 24, sets construct 10586.14

     Aggregate Update 4, KB 3116908, Dec. 2, keeps running up to construct 10586.17

At that point the erratic patches, which aren't publicized as aggregate:

    KB 3116278, Nov. 18, "Out-of-box-experience upgrade"

    KB 3116903, likewise Nov. 18, "Similarity overhaul for moving up to Windows 10"

    KB 3103688, Nov. 10, patch for Flash Player in IE 11 and Edge

    KB 3106246, Nov. 11, Update for DVD player

    KB 3122947, Dec. 5, the odd overhaul clarified in this article, which might possibly copy the patches in KB 3116908

I check nine separate patches since form 1511 was discharged three weeks back. Think about what number of them are going out under the Windows Update for Business standard?

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to beguile!

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