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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fix your applications before migrating them to the cloud

Moving dangerous or ill-fitting code as is from your servers to the cloud can waste pile

These days, enterprises ar moving huge numbers of applications to the cloud in a very method known as "lift and shift." meaning transporting the code and therefore the knowledge, recompiling it, doing slightly of testing, and moving on.

The trouble with this approach is several|that a heap of|that several} -- and that i mean many -- enterprise applications would like an entire lot of enhancements to figure well within the cloud. they're not properly designed for the cloud (the knowledge is simply too as well as the logic), there ar general performance issues, their security is lacking ... take your choose.

Somehow, enterprise IT typically believes that once these applications ar affected from associate degree on-premises platform to a public cloud supplier, these problems can as if by magic flee. Nope.

As I've same in my cloud design talks over and over again: dangerous applications affected to the cloud are dangerous applications within the cloud. you've got constant issues you had before, and new ones caused by the poor suitable the cloud.

Moreover, as a result of you may currently acquire the resources as they're consumed by the applications, you'll have a giant cloud bill in your future.

The reality is you would like to mend or refactor applications destined for the cloud. My recommendation is to invariably contemplate the platform wherever the applications can reside -- generally, a PaaS or IaaS cloud -- then modification the underlying application style to require advantage of that platform. this is often what makes associate degree application cloud-native.

Although most enterprises ar reluctant to pay the money to revamp and make applications, that reality is you will pay the money anyway: If you are doing not use your public cloud resources effectively, you will pay a lot of to work the applications. That accumulated value is typically abundant over the value of refactoring associate degree application within the initial place.

The right thanks to migrate applications is to mend it before you progress it to the cloud. do not hear anyone -- even cloud suppliers -- World Health Organization tells you this work is senseless. If you follow that dangerous recommendation, you will merely kick the will additional down the road. Eventually, you've got to take care of it -- at that purpose your value are abundant higher.