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Thursday, April 30, 2015

10 ways our data overlords could serve us better

Dear corporations: We've already ceded our privacy. currently implement the technology to serve North American nation right.

I honestly believe knowledge will save the planet if we have a tendency to get out of its manner. This obtaining out of the manner of information goes by another name: transparency. whereas I deeply respect the those that still fight the battle for our privacy, privacy and therefore the Fourth change square measure just about dead. The "man" can continuously be observation and can continuously realize some way to justify a research or seizure. We, the people, may in addition get pleasure from a number of the advantages of our burgeoning, "1984"-ish police work state.

That said, like anyone, I’m typically creeped out by things the businesses send Pine Tree State that indicate they understand slightly an excessive amount of concerning Pine Tree State. However, I’m typically equally shocked and aggravated after they don’t. The Dead Kennedys aforesaid it best: offer Pine Tree State convenience or offer Pine Tree State death.

Last week, I wrote that our lack of imagination in applying machine learning is stopping North American nation from finding vital, sensible issues. This week, I provide you with ten real-world samples of hassles that would simply be avoided if firms that square measure already pursuit our knowledge merely connected a couple of dots to our profit.

Solution No. 1: straightforward rules engine for flight delays and rerouting

U.S. Airways/American Airlines lacks the flexibility to rebook your travel itinerary if a delay causes you to miss a affiliation. Delta not solely detects this, however it'll mechanically rebook you on a terrible flight with 2 further connections which will get you to your destination every day later than originally engaged. Sure, you continue to need to decision Delta to induce a nonhorrible flight that may conceivably be value near what you paid, however a minimum of it is aware of you will not build your affiliation. This isn’t even machine learning. It’s electronic communication with an easy rules engine combined with search.

Solution No. 2: Sentiment analysis on social media

Marriott can’t tell whether or not what I say concerning it on Twitter is sweet or dangerous, which might be pretty humourous, because the following exchange shows:

The domestic help, whom I had tipped $20 for being awful despite my room messes, was presumptively castigated thanks to what initially i assumed was dangerous sentiment analysis that couldn’t method “unusually smart.” however Marriott aforesaid it absolutely was an individual, not a larva named "Janice," World Health Organization browse the tweet too quickly.

Why do not additional corporations use a minimum of a section of sentiment analysis in their social network monitoring? certain, {they can|they're going to|they'll} would like some human error-checking as a result of my friends and that i will most definitely mess with any larva to show its merriment (#geekfun), however natural-language process (NLP) and sentiment analysis have return a protracted manner. they may a minimum of code the tweets for the operator. Heck, TweetDeck ought to do that.

Solution No. 3: straightforward net service between airlines and self-drive firms

Hertz partners with airlines, however the airlines don't mechanically pass my flight information to Hertz. Sure, they ought to raise my permission, however I can’t imagine why i'd hide that my flight modified from the rental company. this can be either an internet service or an easy pub/sub, presumably some standards-making. however keep the linguistics net folks away as a result of they ne'er place out actual code, solely additional tutorial blather.

Solution No. 4: Syncing up services in order that you ne'er run out of gas

Waze and Automatic don’t speak. Automatic presumptively is aware of you’re running low on gas. Waze is aware of wherever the closest gas stations square measure and whether or not you have got enough gas to induce there. Google is aware of if the gas stations square measure open. Of course, Waze is another (recently acquired) Google product that has dangerous search -- just like the forever ironic Google Docs/Drive/what have you ever suite -- thus it would not be ready to realize a filling station.

The red empty fuel light-weight shrewish Pine Tree State isn’t enough, and that i typically have that coated up with my phone anyhow. this can be straightforward electronic communication, search, and an occasion.

Solution No. 5: mechanical device learning to recognise dietary preferences

The roe delivery service thinks i need a pizza pie. It primarily ran a promotion as a result of I’d ordered delivery in ny. However, I ordered vegetarian. I searched on vegetarian. I additionally ordered delivery in metropolis. It ought to in all probability understand i used to be in ny for less than a couple of days. It ought to additionally understand that a pizza pie wouldn’t interest Pine Tree State. This may be a recommendation engine (other folks looking for vegetarian food additionally sought for X or ne'er ordered Y) or a machine learning-style grouping downside (vegans don’t order dairy farm cheese pizzas).

Solution No. 6: anamnesis screening app

I’m stuck in associate flying field lounge, however i would otherwise be here than at my doctor’s workplace. For one, why can’t the doctor's workplace Pine Tree Statessage Pine Tree State and let me understand to not return till half-hour later, providing my doctor is running behind? that's straightforward analysis.

Second, I already understand that the sole attainable treatment for my Achilles' tendons given what hasn’t worked to date may be a platelet-rich plasma injection. Why can’t they need Pine Tree State transfer associate app wherever I answer constant stupid queries over and over and over and apply a rules engine, instead of creating Pine Tree State are available in to the office? we have a tendency to may agree that I’ve been “seen” nearly, not waste 2 hours of our time, and that they may charge Pine Tree State constant.

With NLP, straightforward forms, and a rules engine, you may replace nearly everything concerning my initial analysis for many something that has ever ailed Pine Tree State. In fact, an easy Google forms tree would in all probability eliminate 0.5 the “I have a virus” visits. Get your pressure done at CVS or some place with a shorter wait, and it may well be transmitted. With more analysis, you may even tune the treatment for all patients supported outcomes. Of course, that might be economical and we're talking concerning the yank health care “system.”

Solution No. 7: Preference matching for the "sharing economy"

Uber ought to do additional driver/rider matching. In denser square measureas wherever there are lots of drivers and lots of riders, matching numerous characteristics is very important. for example, a driver World Health Organization smokes can probably do higher with passengers World Health Organization smoke once s/he “doesn’t smoke within the automotive.” I mean, if Uber goes to post and delete creepy stalker posts, it may a minimum of cheat technology from chemical analysis services. It may even work out however long I’m willing to attend for numerous matching traits (such as nonsmokers). this can be either a basic recommendation engine or just search.

Of course, a elaborate graph search may facilitate Pine Tree State see World Health Organization my friends of friends liked  and didn’t like as a driver. then again we’d need to stop deceit that each one Uber drivers drive rigorously, don’t smoke, and clean their cars. a minimum of you recognize that is what you are stepping into a taxi, and some texting whereas driving.

Solution No. 8: Sentiment analysis to scoop earnings reports

I recently demoed a distributed town simulation. I additionally recently visited Elasticon wherever the USGS explained however it uses Twitter to notice earthquakes. In wondering this i noticed you may in all probability use sentiment analysis and social graph searches to predict company earnings before they're reported .

In essence, square measure the folks at the highest of the corporate happy, square measure their spouses happy, square measure their assistants happy, their children? however will their expressed social media level of happiness compare to past quarters? My cash says the CEO’s profile is also tightly controlled PR, however {other folks|people|others} closely associated to the C-suite may reveal not company earnings however however happy they and therefore the people near the highest square measure. I bet you may trade on this right before a very bright profit-and-loss statement or a very dangerous one. i assumed i used to be a complete genius till a Google search unconcealed that folks square measure already doing this.

Solution No. 9: Geolocation app for pre-emptive pizza pie prompting

I attempt to eat well after I travel. I keep in hotels with kitchens. I bring a chef’s knife. However, i'm typically thus tired when every day of operating within the knowledge mines that I flop down on the bed and order a pizza pie. presumptively the pizza pie chain ordering app may notice that I’m not reception, that I didn’t go anyplace however the edifice associated an edifice -- to not Whole Foods or dealer Joe's -- and raise if i need to order constant pizza pie that I ordered last time to my bedroom. this can be geolocation knowledge analysis and a push notification.

Solution No. 10: Grocery looking history knowledge that serve client interests

When I got home, Harris move -- my native grocery chain that permits you to choose up stuff -- ought to have offered Pine Tree State a basket of constant organic manufacture that I bought last time. It ought to have noticed  I’ll sometimes purchase the poison-coated stuff if it's out of the organic. this can be purchaser history, recommendations, and geolocation, or even constant analysis it will for its own inventory management. I mean, for years stores have gotten North American nation to cede our privacy for a “discount,” thus why don’t they need all the info they have to inform North American nation what we have a tendency to were on the brink of purchase anyhow? 

Look, we have a tendency to already listed privacy in order that we are able to be endlessly connected to the net, get directions, receive “discounts.” Isn’t it time the overlords started golf stroke that knowledge to use for our convenience? The National Security Agency sure is aware of what I’m having for dinner before I do. Why doesn’t my native grocery or restaurant?

What square measure you firms even grouping this knowledge for if you don’t have the imagination to use it? you recognize wherever i'm. you recognize what I’m doing. Pull my strings and I’ll go far!


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