Saturday, May 19, 2018

iPhone X Tesla: Need to get rid of cash? This $4,500 solar-power phone is an option

If you don't think Apple's $1,000 iPhone X is costly enough, Russian luxury outfit Caviar may be able to help.

Caviar, the Russian accessory maker of gold iPhone editions engraved with Vladimir Putin's or Donald Trump's head, or even both of them together, has released a solar-powered iPhone X 'Tesla'.

The new iPhone X Tesla is even more expensive than Caviar's gold engraved iPhone editions but possibly more functional, assuming the solar panels work as promised and the iPhone isn't constantly in a pocket. If so, it may reduce the time spent connected to a USB power cord for charging.

Who knows what happens to the solar panel in Russia's long, dark winters, but owners nonetheless get a fancy blue solar panel on the rear, gold edges, and a gold plate next to the camera that's embossed with the word 'TESLA' and a unique number ranging from 1 to 999, denoting the total number of iPhone Tesla X units Caviar intends to make.

Caviar says iPhone X Tesla Number 1 will be mailed to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It will be the only version that has the words 'Made on Earth by humans' in honor of Musk's own marketing stunt earlier this year when he launched a Tesla Roadster into space on the back of Space X's Falcon Heavy rocket.

The non-removable cover is mostly filled by the blue panel that charges an external battery. A gold button on the case can be pressed to deliver a charge to the iPhone X's internal battery.

Caviar's image of the rear of iPhone X Tesla suggests it is considerably thicker than Apple's standard silicon case with the dual camera sunken well beneath the case's top gold plate.

Apparently, the company produced 99 of the iPhone X Tesla's, but after pre-orders exceeded the number the company decided to make 999.

Buyers can expect even fancier packaging than Apple's white cardboard box. Instead, they'll get a "black velvet" luxury wooden lacquered case. The 64GB model costs 284,000 rubles or $4,545, while the 256GB model costs 299,000 rubles or $4,831.

The iPhone X Tesla's non-removable cover is mostly filled by the blue panel that charges an external battery.

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