Friday, June 1, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 offers high-end wearable features for a low price

Bigger screen and battery, nearly as cheap

Xiaomi’s wearables have long undercut the likes of Fitbit when it comes to price, and the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is no exception.

Debuting for just 179 Chinese Yuan, which equals roughly $30 (£20, AU$36), the Mi Band 3 improves over the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with a bigger OLED display that shows off more info, though it doesn’t appear to be a touchscreen like we hoped it would be.

In addition to the larger screen, the battery has been pushed up to 110mAh. It may not sound like a lot, but Xiaomi is confident that this will allow for 20+ days of consistent performance before you need to charge it.

Interestingly, the Mi Band 3 will launch with NFC, which may enable contactless payments at the store, though Android Central reports that a version without NFC will launch for just a little less cash. This wearable is also able to monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns.

The company hasn’t yet announced global availability for the Mi Band 3, though we’ll likely hear something sooner than later. And when it releases, it could very well shake up the relatively dry 2018 wearables market.

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